Absolutely the best product from Holland!!!!

Have you experienced ChocoVine from Holland?   Tulips and tilted windmills are pretty, but….

I used to love wines, but haven’t had a glass in years.    ChocoVine has been around for awhile,  I’ve seen it in Sam’s…just never bought any.  I know, Sheryl…seems like you mentioned it ages ago too.  I’ve always been slow, lol.   I miss the occassional glass, but with the meds,  I’m not supposed to do much alcoholic stuff.   This is 14%.   I don’t  know enough about liquor to know if that’s high or not.

Long story short, I bought a bottle.  It’s quite yummy.   I think this would be a good sipping wine with dessert, would be yummy over ice cream and would be excellent with anything chocolate.   To my taste, it is very rich so would be a dessert all by itself.

Now that I’ve satisfied my curiosity,  what do yo do with a full bottle of really rich chocolate wine?

Susan ~ Patchkat




6 responses to “Absolutely the best product from Holland!!!!

  1. I have tried this and it is SOOOO good and smooth, but 14% is really strong…a girlfriend of mine bought a bottle while I was visiting up in Michigan and we split it amongst 4 people. We had it with a marvelous rich Italian creme cake and were all VERY happy!

  2. You could invite close (as in distance) friends over to share it. They might even make some of Mother’s fudge to go with it.
    Between the wine and fudge, we could fire up the quilting machine and quilt the night away.

  3. Hunny bunny, sip it slowly and not too much. Like Christine said, 14% is a lot of alcohol. But most of all, enjoy yourself, sort of like eating dessert first LOL You deserve it. Hugsss Retta

  4. This sounds absolutely yummy. I haven’t tried this one. Anita P. brought chocolate Port to one of our retreats in Arkansas and it was yummy too. I’ve got some Mocha Macchiata and a Key Lime Macchiata that I bought at Vom Fass in New Orleans. That stuff is divine!