Teeth? Who needs them???

I had a tooth just break and fall out the other day.  Next day found me at the dentist for an extraction.  Couple that with the mouth ulcers from the chemo and what a mess you have.  Hit the oncology clinic yesterday for regular monthly appointment.   Lost another 4.2lbs.  Blood work was mostly good, but we don’t have the cancer tumor marker numbers yet.   The last ones (September)were higher than August…and expect this month’s to be higher still.    If that’s the case,  I’ve told the oncologist that I’m ready to come off chemo and put this darned disease totally in God’s hands.

Okay, back to the dentist.   The tooth that broke is not the one I originally needed extracted  :-(    the dentist has refered me to an oral surgeon in Stephenville (about 65 miles away) as there is a wisdom tooth empacted into the molar that needs to come out.   Can we say “yippie, skippie… I can’t wait”.    Have I mentioned lately that I have an aversion to dentists?  I’m so tired of having my mouth hurt and being unable to eat…

Looks like I’m not only going to be hairless, but maybe toothless too.   Cancer knows no bounds.

Susan ~ Patchkat