Too Cute….

Don’t think I’ve mentioned the neighbor who found a little kitten in the middle of a county road.   She showed up at our door one night with a flea bitten, worm ridden, bedraggled baby.  This little guy was 6-8 weeks old and had obviously gotten separated from his Mom…probably a barn cat.  UGLY baby.  Anyhow, she promised to be back in a few days to get a picture to post online…she would find him a home.

Said baby lived in my bathroom for a day, then I decided a trip to the vet was necessary as I didn’t want him bringing anything in to our kitties.  The vet kept him while I went on to work.  She wormed him and treated his ears.  I had already done flea stuff.  She tested him for other contagious parasites, bacteria and infections…and gave him a malnourished, but clean bill of health.

In the neighbor’s favor, she did come and take photos.  Thought she had a new home for him…but apparently that fell through as she didn’t call back.  By this time,  we’ve become somewhat attached to a really sweet, loving kitten.  Ernie asked me if I could give him up…well yes, if I knew he was going to a good home, but to a stranger off the net?  No.

By the end of the weekend,  Ernie had named the kitten…Scamp.  You know what happens once you name a stray…it’s YOURS.

 Of course, ShadowFire adopted Scamp as soon as we let him out of the bathroom.   Now they’re inseperable.   That’s P.B and Sassy in the background.  Both rescue kitties…P.B. came from Saudi with us.  She’s our last overseas traveler kitty.

ShadowFire also a rescue kitty, in the foreground being used by Scamp as a pillow.

I threatened the neighbor with bodily harm if she brought another kitty to this house!  She did bring us 36 fresh eggs from her chickens….YUM!  but what a trade.

Susan ~ Patchkat


11 responses to “Too Cute….

  1. Bless your heart and all the neighborhood kitties LOL I remember you secretly adopting a lot of cats in Saudi You are special you know. Big hugssss Retta

  2. He’s adorable. Bless you and your dear husband for being such good people to
    take in kitties and give them a good loving home.

  3. You sure are a sweetheart to rescue all these poor critters. You also have a very loving husband to put up with it! I know mine wouldn’t. if you lived in my neck of the woods I have a girl that would love to give you a helping hand with all of them.
    Bless You,
    Lisa in Alabama

  4. How funny. You need to go read my blog post from this morning. Our new addition’s name is Dodger :-). Scamp is a cutie and how great that he’s already been adopted by one of your existing cats!

  5. Scamp is adorable! Of course, we’re suckers for kittens too–how do you think we got 5? All adopted. We won’t even look at kittens now–we all know what happens when you do!

  6. Scamp is just adorable and he looks as happy as Shadow Fire. 2 content kitties. You and Ernie both are such loving people. It’s only natural that the strays gravitate to you.

  7. Oh, he is cute. I know better than to hold a kitten, but I can’t expect you to say no to a neighbor!