Man Made Dinner

I am so blessed to have a Husband who knows his way around the kitchen.

Friday night found Ernie in the kitchen testing scratch pancake recipes.  We love breakfast for dinner and do it often.

This was the stove when he finished…grease everywhere from the sausage and the eggs…and he tried to cook a pancake on the stove top from the looks of this….

Then we had dinner.   It was wonderful!   The pancakes were fluffy, good flavor and really good.   We need to get some malt powder and I think they’ll be perfect.   I used the flash and it washed out the china, but it was all good.

Now, in Ernie’s defense, he did ask me NOT to shoot pictures of his kitchen mess…but after he made and served dinner, washed up the dishes and scrubbed the stove, counters and all the cookward,  he asked me to take a final shot.  

Being the sweet wife I am,  I obliged him.  He put a lot of effort into that dinner.

Here is the cleaned stove top.  All the grease gone, the half cooked pancake, gone…the grids cleaned and he even scrubbed all the countertops.

Susan ~ Patchkat


3 responses to “Man Made Dinner

  1. What a sweetie! Some husbands won’t put a foot in the kitchen. Just sit and wait to be waited on. And he did clean up. Had to or you might have posted a pic of him with a knot on his head, instead of the cleaned stove top, huh????? I think he’s a keeper!