It’s getting close to “BOOOOOO” time around here….

I was going through some photos tonight and found the “Sunset Tree” which I had posted last March or so….

Tell me this tree isn’t perfect for Halloween.

All those crooked limbs just begging for crows and ghosties.   Unfortunately,  the tree is in our neighbor’s yard.  Actually,  that’s probably a good thing as I would be tempted to get on the ladder and do some decorating….I can see orange lights, gauzy dangling ghosts with black crepe paper streamers…and a mess of spooky carved Jack-o-lanterns on the ground.

Sadly,  we don’t have many children in town.    I think there are about 10 of trick or treating age.   We’ve had years with no children coming to the door…and one year, a church group brought a van load of children around.    Most of these children are home schooled and they go to parties rather than coming around to trick or treat.

We always purchase a bag or two of candy just in case.  This year will be no different.   We’ll have the candy and the porch light on…and Ernie will be ready to visit with the kids.

Susan ~ Patchkat



6 responses to “It’s getting close to “BOOOOOO” time around here….

  1. What a beautiful picture for a landscape quilt…. Right now I’m working on a lone star (5 hours in class and I have 1/4 of it done)…Keep your fingers crossed that I can remember how I did that portion. Lynn

    The early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese

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  2. What a beautiful image. I think I might be tempted too.

    As to trick and treaters… you are welcome to come to my house and stand at the door for 3-4 hours handing out candy to all the kiddies who come by car, van and even church hayrides on flatbed trucks. I buy enough candy for about 500 kids and then turn off the lights. I don’t understand why people go to houses when they don’t know who lives there, nor why they drive them around so the kids don’t get tired, but they come in from the country and hit all the subdivisions in this town. I happen to have bought a house in the second most popular subdivision to go to. This year I’m trying to figure out how to put some type of fencing around my front flower bed so they don’t cut through it and step/trip/fall on my flowering plants.There are a couple of decorative flat rocks in there and boys, for some reason, think they need to jump the rocks.

    • I can relate to that after almost 20 years in El Paso, TX….they brought them from all over town to the subdivisions by van. We’d be swamped and it took hours to hand out candy. Not fun.

  3. Perfect for Halloween! Spoooooky! I like Halloween also. We have a family here which puts pumpkins on a fence and a mystery person takes them and decorates them. In the newspaper every year. They go to our church. I’ve talked with them and they claim they don’t know who does this.

    • Now how cool is that? That would be a great treat. I’m not really a Halloween fan, but….that tree just calls for some spooky decorations.