Why are you whining? What were you thinking?

Sheryl, Denise, Judy and I spent a lot of time designing, preparing and testing FREE patterns for the CTS BOM.    And we’ve offered them to you….FREE.   Doesn’t it seem a little rude to whine in public forums about not having the patience to cruise the blog to FIND the FREE pattern link?

Yes, our blogs are different, but then, so are we.   When the Christmas Town Sampler was first presented,  we told you that it was part BLOG HOP, part MYSTERY and part BOM.   When you do a Shop Hop, don’t you go into the store and look around?  Maybe you look through a book or two,  check out the fabrics…look at the notions and tools?   Well,  a Blog Hop is very similar….you’re invited to come in, look around, read a little, check out our friends links,  get your FREE pattern and possibly leave some feedback.

None of us asked you to do anything but read a post and collect your pattern.   That post may have contained updates/corrections on the pattern…so if you didn’t read, then you may have missed something that would help you.    My posts were to provide a little background on the blocks I presented.  Shame on me for thinking you might have been interested in why I picked those particular blocks.   Shame, shame, shame to have taken up your time.

Thank you to all who collected the patterns and left nice comments.  I’m hoping to see your finished blocks and I would love to post a little show of finished tops/quilts.    Please email  @ ( patchkat7@web-access.net  ) your photos and I’ll include them in my blog.

Susan ~ Patchkat



22 responses to “Why are you whining? What were you thinking?

  1. I for one of many are very appreciative of all you all have done I love the fact that I will have a nice Christmas quilt to display and will remember all your generosity in making that happen every time I see my new quilt May you three kind and very creative ladies be very blessed!

    • Karla, thank you. There are 4 designers Sheryl, Denise, Judy and myself…I think we all enjoyed the designing and presenting part. I cannot wait till Denise posts the sashing so I can finish my quilt.

  2. I can’t believe that anyone would whine about finding the info…..my advice….ignore the whiners and complainers. They aren’t worth the effort. Hugs & blessings.

    • I know…but sometimes, things just don’t sit well. I wasn’t going to post, but the more I’ve thought about it, the more it bothered me. You cannot please everyone all the time! This too shall pass. Keep those prayers coming….having some side effect issues of the chemo. :-(

  3. Thank you Susan and Judy, Sheryl & Denise for the wonderful blocks. I may not get the quilt done for this Christmas but it will be done for the next year. It was fun to ‘meet’ you all via Judy’s website. I for one appreciate the hard work it took you to design these beautiful & fun blocks.

  4. Some people have nothing better to do that pick pick pick!!! I can’t believe they have the audacity to complain about something free and wonderful! Most of us “normal” people would contact you and ask a question if we need clarification on the pattern or had trouble finding something on your blog. Anytime I have a question, this is what I do. Most bloggers are happy to help out.

    I found great pleasure perusing all four blogs and am so happy they are all different! Um…most blogs I visit are different, so what is the big deal with these people? You all are so kind to offer this project FREE of charge! I, for one, found the project delightful and creative. Watching you all make each others blocks was an added pleasure! The whiners need to go away and leave the rest of us to experience the joy!

    Happy Quilting!

    • There is so much information on those blogs…and you’re correct. If you ask, most bloggers will go out of their way to help you. Glad you’ve enjoyed the blogs and the blocks.

  5. Even if I am not doing the project, I do enjoy reading what you are doing and why you came up with the idea. I admire your quilting and your passion for it.
    Shame on those who whine because they have to “hunt” for the pattern.
    Thank you to for doing it and don’t let those whinner get under your skin.

  6. Thanks for the info on why you choose the block. I enjoyed reading the information. I have been going to Barbara Brackman’s site especially for the history lesson. Love all the blocks that have been posted.

    • Guess I’m just too nosey for my own good…I want to know how and why on most everytning, lol….unfortunately, I assume (hee hee) that everyone else wants to know too! Glad you’ve enjoyed the stories.

  7. I enjoyed your vent. Everyone needs to do that once in a while. I don’t know if I’ve found all the patterns, but the ones I have I LOVE!!!! The poinsettia is beautiful. My only problem is that I cannot find where I saved them on my computer…. I usually make a folder and save them all together. But if I made a folder, it got lost. Oh well, someday when fate is on my side, I’ll find all the patterns and make your beautiful quilt. I guess some quilters are like Barry’s supporters, they want everything for free, but don’t want to have to do any work. Keep up the beautiful designing. You have been so calm and patient through all your cancer treatment. I admire you. I would probably be a total b…. all the time. You are always in my prayers.

    • just J…there is no reason to be a b…., it is what it is. I trust in the Lord to take care of this, and thank Him for the opportunities He allows me to share His goodness with others. I feel so good, other than the bone soreness, fatigue and the mouth ulcers…most times, I can almost forget that I’m sick! Tell me that’s NOT a blessing from God!!!!!

  8. I have enjoyed the Christmas Town Sampler BOM/Blog hop/Mystery Quilt so much. I have the October blocks, 1 September block and the houses in the woods left to finish but I love how it is coming along and am so happy I am participating. I think it will be a wonderful keepsake. Thanks to each of you for all the time and effort you put into this project.

  9. Susan, I have loved the stories you include with your blocks. Even though I was a florist at one time (way before my nursing career), I don’t think I ever heard that story about the poinsettia. I knew they came from Mexico but that was all.

    Love ya. Sheryl aka Quilting Tizzy

    • The stories I’ve always heard were of Pepita and the Poinsettias to decorate the villages and churches. I had never researched deep enough to find Mr. Poinsett’s story. It was too neat not to include!

  10. I, too, cannot believe anyone would whine. I have not posted anything as yet, because I am new to the blog world and was not sure of the protocol… but now I will not be so shy.
    I have loved all of the blocks so far, and try to read most of your blogs when time allows. I totally admire all your creativity.
    Not sure how to post pictures, but will try to figure that out. I am a month behind as our son just got married this weekend so I have not done last month’s yet… hope to be back to quilting soon.
    Thanks for all that the 4 of you have done… this is great fun.

  11. Very well said, Susan! I love all the blocks you ladies have provided and enjoy the blogs as well–it’s a way to keep up with what’s happening with special friends. My mom used to have a whole fence line of poinsettia plants overseas—they grew taller than the house if you let them and always provided the gorgeous flowers in December. I loved those plants.

    • I haven’t seen the poinsettia plants that large, but when we were in Puerto Rico, the ivy plants had leaves bigger than the cars! What an eye opener! And rubber plants grew in the yards…

  12. Thank you Susan, I am loving all the blocks, will start sewing them later this month.
    Warm hugs,

  13. Thank you for your hard work. Love the blocks and the stories. Sorry you have to go through people complaining. Some people you just can’t please. Me personally if I don’t like something I don’t save it. If I can’t find it and want it I ask how did I miss it/where is it. Usually don’t comment either way, but had to this time. Again sorry for you are going through.