Family Reunion at Lake Whitney

This was a first for me as I had never attended a Cavel reunion until yesterday!   We left home at 7AM,  arrived at Lake Whitney about 10AM.   I carried my heritage photo album and a printed family tree to seek additional help on the lines.   We had a blast, ate too much, brought home auction items and enjoyed time with my brothers, some cousins and a bunch of other folks that I’m still uncertain of the relationships, lol.

The reunion was held at Lake Whitney where cabins had been rented by some.  They had a large community room with a psuedo kitchen available.  Probably a good thing that no one really had to COOK a meal.  We all carried pot luck dishes.   As you saw from the previous posts, it’s been raining in our part of the World.  And yep, it rained on us all the way to Lake Whitney and most of the time we were there…and most of the way home.  Sure was nice :-)

I have a few photos ready to post, but not all yet.    Here are two of my favorite guys….Ernie and brother Jimmy.  Who knows what they were talking about…they were both soaked from carrying things in for the ladies.   About the time they got dry,  someone else arrived needing help getting their food and auction items in from cars.    Ah the joys of having a reunion in the rain!    They were both good sports about helping out!

I met neice Britney’s husband, Hans.  He’s a cool guy….very pleasant to talk with and pretty level headed!

I’m not sure which one was better at keeping the other in line, lol.  They seem well matched and played a mean game using lettered tiles to form words…similar to Scrabble.

On a sad note,  I learned another great aunt whom I had visited in Brownwood then lost contact with had passed away.   Another real sweet lady gone.

We spent some time working on the family tree.  People stopped by and added their family info to my master sheet.  Linda had her computer and brought up some stories and information that my Auntie Deb (from Canada) had sent her.   I already have most of that information in my records, but it was new to most everyone else.    I’ll have to enter everything into the account.  Hopefully,  I’ll get a little more info on the Sorrells and the Haynes families before I need to print again.

Jimmy was helping here…my Sis-in-Law, Kelly was supplying kid’s birthdates and the correct names.   It’s great when someone has a good memory, lol.

Cousin Tommy (with some help from Becky) entered their family info.  He filled in an area where I had nearly nothing!   You know what else was great…finding out where everyone lives now.

With the geneology sites, you cannot get information on living people, so this was really good to have first hand information.   Once I have all the new stuff entered in, maybe I’ll see more of those little “green leaves” that tell me I have more “clues” and “hints” on some of the older generations.  That’s cool too!

The auction was fun.  Don’t know how much they raised, but we carried home a lovely cross, a hand embellished towel set and several other nice goodies.   I have some ideas for next year’s auction.

We were nearly done with dinner and getting ready to start the auction when brother Mike came in!  What a suprise as I hadn’t expected to see him at all.   He’s had surgery on his shoulder and is in an immobilizing brace like I had to wear for months.  He’s sick of his too.   Maybe in a few more weeks he can get out of his and begin some work with the PTs whom he refers to as Physical Terrorists.

I’m out of photos for tonight, so I’ll leave you with one of me with 2 of my 4 brothers.  Jimmy on the left,  Mike on the right.   Thanks to my sweet husband Ernie for being the  cameraman and allowing me to be in a few of the photos.   I’m normally the one behind the lens (which is a good place to be most times).   

Susan ~ Patchkat


4 responses to “Family Reunion at Lake Whitney

  1. Susan you look wonderful! I am sure you had a wonderful time at the reunion (it’s hard not to, huh!) but I just had to tell you how happy and fantastic you look!

  2. Great pics, Susan. It’s fun keeping up with family. We had a reunion in July in I can sure relate. I’m sure each one there will now be more interested in their heritage.