WOW! The Bayou is running

After over 24 hours of light rain and showers, the Bayou is running over it’s banks.  As a matter of fact, it’s from bridge stanchion to bridge stanchion and backed up into the fields!!!!!   We just got home from a reunion, so we don’t know if it’s crested.   We sit up high enough, that we don’t really worry about flooding, but…it gets a little scary when the water gets up in the fields.   Hope the kitties are smart enough to stay far, far away from the waters.

There’s a lot to be said for answered prayers!  We’ve been praying for a big rain to help fill up the lakes in our area.   With the Bayou running high and fast,  it’s pouring a large amount of water into Lake Brownwood.  Cannot wait till our next trip to check the water levels out.   When the Bayou runs full,  we normally get fresh fish up from the lake…that’s cool too.  Means Ernie will be able to fish the bayou again rather than the local tanks.  YEAH!   Of course, right now, his fishing point is under about 15′ of water!  He won’t be fishing from there :-) anytime soon.

If it’s still running high,  photos tomorrow.

Susan ~ Patchkat



2 responses to “WOW! The Bayou is running

  1. We got some today too. Probably not as much as you, but close to 2 ” . Not helping the big lakes in the Highland Chain-Travis and Buchannan but any rain we can get is good.