Another new flower for me!

I’ve been watching the roadways and fields for new flowers.  After the rains, things are blooming again and it sure is pretty around here.  I’ve seen these and speculated on what they are…finally stopped to get a photo and realized I was looking at Purple Loosestrife.   First time I’ve seen it growing in our area.  I’ve been assured by our former Post Mistress that it used to grow everywhere.

  We’re getting a little bit of rain tonight…what a blessing!  It’s so good to see the fields with bales of hay and the hay storage areas filling up.   The field and the storage area below belong to our rancher neighbor across the road.    He still has his cows up on the highway, rather than in the pastures across the way.  The bayou is still too low  and the cattle can walk the bayou and get out on the highway.  Maybe we’ll get the much needed gully washer to fill the bayou and he’ll bring some cows back to visit us.  I sure miss looking out and seeing them in our pastures.













We’re off to a family reunion tomorrow…first one I’ve been able to attend.  I have the family tree printed out, my heritage photo album, the camera, my auction item and the food…cannot wait.   Should be fun and I’m hoping to meet cousins I’ve never met before.

Susan ~ Patchkat


2 responses to “Another new flower for me!

  1. I love purple loosestrife, it’s an import from England – and grows (for the most part) along streams and river banks. Here it is considered an invasive species because it crowds out native ones, and is on the “Seek and Destroy” list. We are forbidden to plant it, which is a shame because it is gorgeous. le sigh…

    I’m so GLAD you got to go to the reunion. Some of my happiest childhood memories are from the big family reunions we attended. The games with cousins, the hand-cranked tubs of ice-cream, the big dinners and the Bible lesson. Your Daddy would lead the singing. He had a beautiful tenor voice when he was young. In the evening everyone would take a long walk and I got passed from aunties to uncles to Grandma and back around again because I couldn’t walk far on my crutches. I loved that big big family, and think it is a wonderful grounding for any child. I hope Hunter and Isaac get to go – my boys got to go to two and still talk about them.

    Love you!
    Auntie Deb