Worm Farm! Vermiposting

While I was planting iris bulbs last weekend,  I decided I wanted a worm bed.   The area I was digging was full of earthworms, red worms, night crawlers…whatever you know them by.    I got out my handy dandy copy of Mother Earth News and read how to set up a worm bed.   A cat litter bucket with a screen cover has become my new worm bed.

Threw in a mess of moist, shredded newspaper and small chunks of unwaxed cardboard.   Topped that with the dirt, sand, cornmeal and added the worms.   Gave them a small amount of chopped turnips, spinach leaves, tomato tops, used tea bags and some coffee grounds with filter.   I added a little bit more stuff from the kitchen this past Thursday and I’ll check them again tomorrow.   So far,  they haven’t crawled out so it’s not too wet…and I only found live ones when I buried the last food scraps.

We’re looking to keep them through the winter and add them to the new raised beds come spring.  If this batch continues to do well,  I may go out and dig up enough worms to set up another bucket.   They are quiet, odorless and the easiest to care for pets we’ve ever had, lol.  Oh…they’re living in my sewing room too.   With winter coming, the temperature will be in the range they need for survival.

Have you ever had a worm bed?  Did you do anything special for them?  What did you find best to feed them?   This is definitely a new area for me, lol….the only time I’ve messed with worms was to fish!

Susan ~ Patchkat


8 responses to “Worm Farm! Vermiposting

  1. I have a worm bin! It’s home for the past four years has been my kitchen. This is the type I have: http://whatcom.wsu.edu/ag/compost/easywormbin.htm
    I give them all my veggie scraps, coffee grounds, moldy bread, leftover rice (without butter added), newspaper, and I’m sure there other things I put in there. No meat or dairy. I had to buy my red wigglers since we don’t have any handy where we live. They eat up a storm and leave us with dark rich soil!!! So glad you have one too!

    • cool site, clear instructions. Will keep them handy incase we need to expand our operations, lol….we’re reallly looking forward to having fat, healthy worms for our new raised beds next Spring. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I can’t say I intentionally farmed worms, but I did put newspaper in the bottom of a pot and filled it with soil and a plant. Went on vacation so I moved the pot into the flowerbed so it would get water from the automatic system. Long story shorter… the plant died, I left the pot in the bed, but when I finally dumped the soil out of the pot I had the biggest worm collection I’ve ever seen. I guess they came up the hole in the bottom and liked it so much they stayed. They really like newspaper, so you might try potting for them instead of digging.

  3. I have 2 compost bins on the side of our garage. All “healthy” garbage goes directly into one of the bins. Go online to get more info. You would be surprised what you throw in there. Keep turning with a pitch fork. When one is full I put a brick on the cover so my Hubby will know which one in full and cooking. Then we begin the second one. What beautiful “block gold”! Do not put meats etc in the bins. They now have bins that are shaped like a barrel and is on its side so you are able to turn it instead of using a pitch fork. And even better, no more smelly trash barrels in front of our house on trash day!

    • We have a small compost pile, but that is going to be augmented by a new compost area next to the new garden area. That will give us a good source of compost next to each garden area. I like your idea of using 2 bins. Thanks

  4. I’d love to have a worm bin, but it would have to sit on the kitchen table, so I guess that’s not such a great idea huh? That’s one problem with having a tiny place. I haven’t figured out where to keep chickens either! Or a goat. I think I’d just come move in with you, but Texas is too dang hot. LOL

    Love you!
    Aunt Deb