Not of apples either, lol.

Had lunch with WWanda yesterday.  Enjoyed it immensely…as we ate at the new Chinese restaurant…The China Wok.  Came back to work absolutely stuffed to the gills of General Tsao’s Chicken and fried rice!

My coworker said she had fabric to gift.  She brought it in today.  The Nice Boss Lady and I hit those bolts like flies on the picnic basket, lol.   The fabric is on long tubes rather than bolts we’re used to now.   I ended up with a bolt of denim, one of black double-knit (indestructible backings!), a bolt of cotton in a pretty shade of blue/green and some yardage of black cotton along with a  luscious bit of yardage in a patterned black sheer…can we say dressy over-blouse?   That’s my windfall for the day.   I can see lots of quilt backings coming up for kid quilts and mission quilts.  The blue and black will be good solids for piecing tops.  WWanda gave me a pin awhile back that states “any day spent quilting is a good day”… same goes for unexpected fabric gifts!  

Yuk….guess I’ll have to figure that new yardage into my stash for some negative stashbusting, lol.

Susan ~ Patchkat



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