Business District….done!

As promised, here are my “Business District” blocks.  

Do you see the problem?  

After getting them on the design wall together,  I can see that the orange in the center is way too “intense” for the other houses.    I’m thinking I need to make another set of buildings to replace that block and save the orange for a Halloween wall hanging or some other project.

My blocks are straight and square,  but I cannot seem to get them on the wall square, lol..think it could be because my design wall is shredded thanks to Mitzi’s stay in my sewing room.

Anyhow,  I welcome all comments.  I’m happy with all the colors except the orange.  Oh,  I may redo the doors on the blue buildings on the right.   All the other doors are darker and I don’t much care for that shade of gold.

Susan ~ Patchkat


10 responses to “Business District….done!

  1. I sort of agree on the doors, though they had not stood out as needing change till you mentioned it. I do not agree that the orange is too bright. I see it as a focus point that livens up the others. (Of course it is possible that my monitor and your fabric are different colors.)

  2. I don’t think the orange is too intense. There’s usually one building in a neighborhood that stands out a little. Also as to your buildings not appearing straight, that too is an attribute of a neighborhood. If you look at photos of groups of buildings they never appear to be standing in straight rows. I’m not fond of gold, but I think your blue building doors are okay. Again, variety is good. I’d wait and look at it a little more before making a decision to redo anything. You may find that what you perceive as problems may actually grow on you.

  3. I am also one of the ones saying the orange house is ok. perhaps if you put a blue house beside it you’d like it more.

    • I’ll switch some blocks around. These are border blocks and will be mixed in with the manor houses and the house in the woods blocks, so right now, there is no telling what will fall next to the orange. If I leave the orange, should I use the same orange elsewhere?

      • Yes – that’s what I was going to say — leave the orange and the gold doors. Just use a bit of those colors in some of the remaining blocks and I think it wil look great!

  4. Ditto! I was going to say there’s always one house or building in the neighborhood that’s a bit off from the rest. It does help brighten up the neighborhood. Perhaps splitting up the orange and gold ones right next to it would help. I think the gold doors are fine too. Again, split up the two buildings that have them.

  5. Yes, leave what you have and use some of those colors elsewhere. It will look wonderful. I still need to get busy on mine. they may be next years Christmas project!!!!

  6. Yep, I agree about leaving the orange in and as you and Denise have said use the orange in a few of the other blocks. It will be loverly!

  7. OK, my two cents here… I think the orange look more intense to you because you have houses on either side that are in the same color family. If you split them up so your eyes catch the orange/yellow throughout the borders, then I think it would make you happier. I would honestly wait a bit and see how it works with all the other blocks too before I deemed it to bright. My rule of thumb is that any dominating color works if you scatter it about, so pulling the color into the other blocks should work. Still cute blocks any way you go.