RAIN!!!! We’ve got RAIN!

What a blessing to wake up to rain this morning….lots and lots of rain.  If you look at the weather map,  we’re covered in green, yellow and orange this morning and looks like we’ll have rain most of the day.  Ernie went to Abilene this morning and of course,  I drove to work.  The windshield washers were going full tilt and by their rythym,  I know they were singing “Thank You,  Thank You, Dear God”.    It’s so dry here that the windshield washer blades get really dry.  A good rain fluffs them up again.

I pulled yarn last night for another  shawl.   This one will be a very simple, double crochet using 2 yarns, a white boucelle and a variegated yellow, cream and hot pink.   My goal is to have 1 shawl for every pew in the church.  We have a fantastic AC/Heating system, but it’s an old drafty building.  When the unit isn’t running, it gets chilly in the winter.   When it is running during the Summer,  it gets chilly too.     It’s nice to pull a shawl around one’s shoulders.

Had a P.E.T. scan last Monday.  Will have results on the 26th when I see the Dr.   The new regime of chemo has left me with major mouth ulcers…nothing like an enforced liquid diet for dropping weight.  I was down a little over 10 lbs Monday.   The Dr. sent meds and while I’m still having some problems with the mouth ulcers, they’re much better.  I can eat again, just very carefully.  YeAH!

We visited the Willow Creek garden center while in Abilene.  WOW!  They have all manner of gorgeous fountains, rustic lawn furniture and yard art…in addition to the nursery plants, trees, etc… We checked on top soil and amended top soils.  As soon as we get the planter boxes situated (need their 6 hours of sun per day, lol) and lined to keep the soil from running out, we’ll bring in the dirt.   Nice Boss Lady is ordering sand for the cemetary, so will get a load of sand to add into the original garden.   Who knows, next year we may want to plant everything!  I’m having fun looking at the magazines and deciding what I would like to grow plant.    We already know I can plant anything….growing is a different matter!  

The house smelled wonderful when I arrived home yesterday…Ernie had made a pan of homemade, fluffy, buttermilk bisquits!  Those are soooo addictive with butter and honey….YUM.   We probably eat way too many of them.

I have some photos to post of the completed “Business District”  blocks.  Maybe this evening.   In the meantime,  time to get back to work.  From where I sit, I can enjoy watching the rain while I work.  What a beautiful day!

Susan ~ Patchkat


6 responses to “RAIN!!!! We’ve got RAIN!

  1. Really glad to hear you received some liquid sunshine. We had a dry summer too, & Praise God everytime we got some rain too. Puting you on my prayer list, I’m sure you won’t mind. Joy

  2. There was an article in a recent National Geographic that was titled something like “Texas-the next dust bow?” Now maybe that won’t happen! Rain!

  3. this doesnt have to do to rain but I had cancer when i was 8 and know what you mean by the ulcers in the mouth ask your dr for a med called swish and swallow ( i did the swish part but didnt care for the taste and spit it out it really takes care of them.) happy quilting ang in PA