Lordy, Lordy, Look who’s ?

  Nope,  Not telling, but SOMEONE had a birthday yesterday!

I remember the day she came into this World…what a sweet girl .   She caused her share of grief in her formative years and then came “dating”….ARGH!   Guess you’re always overprotective with girls, our first son-in-law  (Chrsty’s husband. Rustin) can relate a true story about coming to visit Christy and not being allowed in the house!  

Anyhow, this gal made it through school, designed the most stylish, fabulous clothes in high school…she was definately the best dressed in her class.  She and her sisters, Stacie and Laura always had the most gorgeous prom dresses!  She wanted a car, so found a job.   She married Rustin and they gave us our first Grandchild before we hit our 40’s.  They’ve raised 2 beautiful daughters who are both planning weddings in 2013.  Christy is a working Mom and still raising Hunter, who’s always on the go.

Good Job Christy!  Hope your birthday was a Happy Birthday!  We love you :–)

Mom & Ernie

Susan ~ Patchkat


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