The Christmas Cactus comes to us from South America and of course, has a legend associated with it’s winter blooming.

It is said that a Jesuit missionary, Father Jose, worked in the jungles of Boliva to convert the natives.  He ministered to them, helped them with their homes and their crops.  Father Jose was teaching the natives of the Bible and the life of Jesus.  He shared stories about churches in the cities where the alters were filled with flowers at Christmas to honor the birth of Jesus. 

Christmas Eve found Father Jose alone, kneeling on an unadorned alter thinking that he had failed in his teachings.  Imagine his suprise and delight when he heard hymns being sung outside!  When he looked out, the natives were singing with thier arms full of blooming branches gathered from the jungle trees.  It’s said that those branches were Christmas Cactus and that they bloom at Christmas time with their message of faith and hope. 

I am pleased to present the Christmas Cactus as the September block for the Christmas Town Sampler.   Just click on the link below for your pattern.

Don’t forget to go to Sheryl, Denise and JudyL’s blogs for the rest of the September blocks.  Here are the links to their sites in no particular order, lol.

Sheryl has also designed a spreadsheet to allow you to mark off each month’s block as you’ve collected it…gives you all the blogsites and the name of the published  blocks.  You can print and pencil in as we go!  You’ll find it on Sheryl’s blogsite, link above.  Thanks Sheryl!

I hope you’re enjoying this blog hop/mystery/BOM as much as I am!  Remember the information concerning fabric, all the links are in the header under CHRISTMAS TOWN SAMPLER.

Susan ~ Patchkat



  1. Thanks, Susan! Can I ask: Denise says that you have one more block? October, maybe? I am having fun with this sampler.