Bring on the Clouds

I love the 16 mile drive to work.   I have time to think, plan, pray, whatever needs to be done on the drive.   I watch the fields, the cattle (yes!  we have cattle again!!!)  The growth of the grains has been wonderful this year.   I rejoice at seeing the round bales accumulating in the holding areas.  Our neighbors two areas are almost full and his fields are ready for harvest again.  What a blessing!

In addition to watching along the road,  I’ve seen some of the most spectacular sunsets, complete ground to ground double rainbows and so much more.  Earlier this week,  it was the cloud formations that drew my eyes.   The photos don’t do justice to what God provided for my evening entertainment!

 The fluffy clouds were building up in every shade of blue and white.  Beautiful!   Even more spectacular were the photos from about 5 minutes later.  As the cloud formation built, it started separating out into layers and was transformed into this.   We didn’t receive any rain, but those clouds brought cooler temperatures to preserve the ground moisture from what has already fallen.  We had a little over an inch and a half with our last rain…and almost 3″ from the rainfall before.   The yards are all green and weedy, the fields are lush and full.




How could anyone not appreciate this beauty?  The clouds to the right of the “hole” were the brightest white.   The fluffy white was surrounded by stunning shades of blues all the way into purples.   The white puffy part was so dimensional.   So many layers of clouds.  The photos just don’t capture that part.


  This is a slightly closer view of the same cloud…I was trying to get the layers of white to show you.

It’s views like this that make that drive bearable for me.  Everyday offers something new to see.   I’ve missed getting photos of so much…the snake on the road,  the vultures feasting on ?  didn’t want to think about that.   The cows following the lead heifer in single file going to the tank…and one day, on one 4″ square welded fence section,  there were birds in every hole…no working camera that day.  We’ve seen freshly plowed fields with a hawk about every 5 feet for as far as one could see.  They were of course after a meal.  I’ve been told the plowing turns up all manner of mouse nests, snakes and bugs.

I love being a country girl!

Susan ~ Patchkat



6 responses to “Bring on the Clouds

  1. I love reading your blog. Following your adventures in life, good and or bad. You are an inspiration for me. Your drive sounds so wonderful. I remember the days when we were able to enjoy the country. I do miss it. I like the piece and quite. Enjoy

  2. Right there with ya :) I love the clouds, the mountains in the not so far away vista, and the the beautiful clouds. Our clouds are sometimes gray and often full of rain. Sunsets they give us are glorious. God is good!!!

  3. The only way clouds look any more spectacular , is to be in a plane, above them and flying thru them. They are indeed a blessing from mother nature. Ann Plischke


  4. So enjoy your little stories. Our daughter has boat on ocean and we have been going out on that pretty near every weekend. Hubby fishes and daughter and I lay down, talk and watch the clouds float by. A seagull passes by every so often and gives a squawk or two. Very relaxing and very peaceful. This is in Connecticut.

  5. Beautiful. Scene like that make the drive you have to make each day an exciting adventure instead of a drag!

  6. gorgeous–and I agree with what Ann P says—love clouds! The first picture reminds me of a cotton boll….