the birth of a bed….

a raised garden bed that is!   With the cancer,  I cannot bend to work my garden, nor can I get down low enough to the ground to plant, weed, etc.  With raised beds,  I can use a garden cart to sit, push myself along the bed and be able to reach into the center.  I’ve been looking at raised beds for the last 2 years, but they just haven’t happened with everything else happening.

Where I work,  people often move off and leave furniture and stuff…and eventually,  it’s available for anyone to claim.   I found a wooden bed frame…twin size and brought it home.   I have a vision, lol….wish I had snapped a shot to share of the original.

We took a trip to the big box store for additional lumber…here’s Ernie sorting through a bin.  He must’ve looked at every board there at least twice before making a selection.

Then we had to whip out a tape and measure everything.  No,  I don’t understand why it had to be measured since it came from a bin with the measurements marked,  but I’m thinking it’s a guy thing!

Here is the first of the two bed boxes.   They’re 3′ x 6′ x 15″ tall.   The finished wood is the original bed frame,   Ernie just filled in the middles.  Now to order in some top soil and builders sand.   That’s a research job for another day, lol.   I’m so excited to have the beds I’ve dreamed about for so long.   Maybe this time next year we’ll still be harvesting good things to eat!

In one of my magazines,  there is a small greenhouse that starts off with 2 raised beds….can we see where this might be going?????  I love having a handyman husband!   And I love being able to recycle things into needed items  :-)

Susan ~ Patchkat


3 responses to “the birth of a bed….

  1. I love the idea going to have to try that here too I can’t get up and down any more to work in my garden as once I get down I can not get up with out help.

  2. At the Buggy Barn Quilt Shop—to give you another idea—they had a cot/single bed sized metal bed frame and springs (rusted) with a box built underneath and wood on the long sides of the frame. They had nothing but purple spikey flowers (can’t think of the name) planted in the box —the spikes grew through the springs—-loved that look. My camera battery died during the quilt show last week—so couldn’t get a picture. Don’t know if it would work for my yard or not—maybe I’ll get to find out next year —we plan to begin landscaping again ….