katz, katz and more lazy katz

This is the height of laziness and a normal scene around our place.

Apache is happy with most any flat surface.  The box is a good place, because as you can see (all the pink areas), she’s still oozing on everything.   Still on powerful antibiotics and steroids.   Simple infection…and they cannot cure it.  She sleeps alot, but is usually one of the first to the food bowl and to be petted.    She’s still going strong, just leaks serum on everything.

Then you get to the bedroom and here’s the view….

Shadow Fire is dead to the World in his normal upside down pose.   Muckley is a little more ladylike.  Tail tucked neatly into paws.

Our bed is the daytime repository of all things sleepy, lol.    It’s not unusual to find 4 or 5 limb bodies draped around the quilt.


Ernie snapped this show of Shadow Fire a few nights back…silly kitty seems to love being upside down.  Even hanging off the chair, he slept.   He’s limp as a dishrag in this pose.

Oh my!  Look!   A kitty in the upright position!!!!   This is the Orange Momma Kat.   This is the

favorite neighborhood watering hole.   Ernie keeps it filled and clean, so the kitties are happy with it.

Susan ~ Patchkat


One response to “katz, katz and more lazy katz

  1. They are so “tired”, I think Shadow Fire is my favorite, the pose on the chair is wonderful. Can relate to the bed being the place of sleep in the afternoon – there are times I walk into the dining room and “the boy” has decided to make the table all his for nap time.