Down on the Bayou

Don’t know why, but yesterday afternoon,  I had an overwhelming urge to walk the Bayou.  Haven’t walked down there in MONTHS!  Haven’t even wanted to…but I grabbed the camera and walked.   Along the way,  I found lots of raccoon droppings and several piles of bird feathers.   The natives have been restless, lol

Both pecan trees on the Bayou (native trees) are totally barren of nuts.   There are China Berry trees (or something very similar) along the water too….not a single fruit on the lot. The critters will have slim pickin’s for the Winter.   We’ll probably see the squirrels up at the house looking for pecans.  2 of our trees have a scarce crop of nuts.

In the back left of this photo is the upright support for the 2nd bridge that crossed the Bayou in the early 1900s.    The concrete uprights are all that are left on either side of the water.

The water is “tidal” right now, nothing flowing.  As you can see, we have algae islands and clear water.  Haven’t seen any fish or even any turtles in some time.  We so need a good rain to flush the bayou out.

I do love the look of the overgrown jungle under the bridge!   Makes me feel we’re somewhere green and lush.   Would look much better with more water!   What you’re seeing here is dried up mud and the rock area.  Used to be a dam under the bridge and our part of the bayou held about 20 feet of water!   Now it’s silted up and the dam has crumbled….even when it’s running over the remaining rocks, it’s not over 12 feet at the deepest part….right now,  I bet it’s not over 2 feet deep!   SAD.




Cactus will grow anywhere and on anything!   This wad is on what was supposed to be a burn pile.   Unfortunately,  there are telephone poles and railroad ties underneath that make a cozy critter haven.    I’m not sure how many litters of kittens, skunks, coons have been born and sheltered under the cactus.  For now,  they’re all safe, cause it’s way too dry to even think about burning.




 At one time,  the land owners had a water well or a pump down on the Bayou…not sure which.   Do you see the windmill in the tree?   The innards for this water windmill are all gone.  We found part of the fan blades in one of the pastures and the remaining one is still attached.   In the meantime,  I love the tower and would love to move it up to the garden area.  Since it’s anchored in concrete,  I don’t see that happening.   It wouldn’t be cost effective to restore it to functionality…and the Bayou is too low to pump from.

This is a tiny acreage, but I love almost every foot of it….the exception would be the back 40 and the horse pen with all the cactus.  Those areas are useless until the cactus is gone.   I really dislike cactus, lol….bet you can’t tell.    We have picked up old bottles and flushed out bunny rabbits from the cactus areas….so guess even those areas could be considered “cool”.

Anyhow,  that was my walk on the bayou.  Good exercise for me…I need to be walking more.   Felt great to be outside in balmy 82 degree weather….slightly overcast and a little breeze.  Just a teeny, tiny foretaste of Fall!

Susan ~ Patchkat


Kid visit!

 Last weekend saw a quick visit from Lance, Leslie, Kathryn and Kenneth.   We grilled chicken kabobs with those little red, yellow and orange peppers….I could’ve lived off the peppers…they were so sweet and good.  We enjoyed brownies and a cool “Sock it to me” cake that Lance bought…lots of cinnamon-y goodness in that one!!!  

This was the scene Saturday evening.   Took 3 of them to figure out a 2 person Chinese Checker game…lots of strategic planning!!!   I’m not sure who won, lol.   All the grands have grown up playing this game…the fighting over who is to play next prompted Granddad to build more boards…now there are 2, so it’s easier to share.



Kenneth found the box of dinasours…needless to say, they found their way to the living room floor where they terrorized everyone who came near.   We’ve had those for years too….think Reedster was the first to play with them all those years ago.

We enjoyed Church on Sunday morning and then back home for dinner.   We had roast beef with all the trimmings.   Don’t think we even made it to dessert.  

We had a good visit and enjoyed our time with the kids.   All too soon,  the visits must come to an end :-(   and we’re left with the kitties and an empty house.

Susan ~ Patchkat