Lavender Lanes


Carol from the Sunshine Online Quilt Guild loves to issue little challenges.  She sent out packages of scraps to quilters who wanted to participate.  I received red scraps which I paired with purple and cream to make this quilt…Lavender Lanes.  

Lavander Lanes is about 44″ x 64″ and is made up of crumb blocks.  The crumb blocks were made into HSTs and set to make zig zags.   Once it’s quilted and bound, it should keep a child snug and warm.

Thanks for the challenge Carol!  This top and a bunch of extra blocks will be heading your way soon.

Susan ~ Patchkat




3 responses to “Lavender Lanes

  1. I look at the quilt, and I understand immediately why you picked that name. Now I want to know how you manage to come up with a pattern from looking at scraps, and then figure out a perfect name for it!!! I just can’t do those things, and it drives me nuts when I see so many others doing it, apparently with ease! I have other God-given talents, but creativity is certainly NOT one of them! Oh well, I guess as long as some of us are good at it, that’s what counts!! It’s a really cute quilt, by the way…some child will surely love it.

    • Some of the scraps I had were strips….so crumb piecing was an obvious pattern. As for the zig-zag, that’s the same pattern that is on our bed! Just a different colorway….thought it would be more interesting for a child. I have a terrible time naming quilts too….but with all the purples and the lavendar zig-zags…well…it just named itself.