another critter on the screen

We get some of the prettiest and strangest critters around here….Friday Ernie called me to say we had a GOAT on the front porch.  My first thought was that someone had dropped off their 4H project and we couldn’t keep a goat.    This one was large and well equipped on both ends!   A big old goat!   Ernie didn’t think to snap a photo as he was more interested in finding out where it came from.   It was returned to it’s owner before I got home.

The morning found this moth on the front screen.  We’ve seen these for the last couple of years.  They’re on the house in the morning and gone by lunchtime. 

They hold those wings up and flat…probably a good quarter inch above their bodies.   This one looks flat, but if I had a side view, the body and legs would be on the screen with the tail part tipped upward.   The wings angle up, then kinda bend back down so the top is flat. They’re about 1  1/2″ – 2″ long.   If you have a clue what type it is,  leave a comment.   I’ve been unable to ID them.

Susan ~ Patchkat


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    • The walnut sphinx is closest…I spent hours on that site several nights ago….got hung up in the butterflies! That’s a terrific ID site. There’s another moth on page 89 that’s similar also. Need to google them by name and find more info on each!

  1. Was thinking it looked like bark–let it sit on a tree and you wouldn’t know it was there. Love butterflies and moths. Interesting name….