I’m so far behind the times…

JudyL’s Patchwork Times that is!   OMG!!!    Leave her alone for a week or two and she’s smoke a ham, canned ham broth, okra and tomatoes, cooked using a Solar Oven, found time to knit like a mad woman, catch and kill grasshoppers, scorpions and snakes….AND rearranged her life to fit the multitude of tables Vince has drug home.   Not only that, but she’s buying baby clothes….where oh where did I miss the post about her becoming a Grandmother????

Her life makes mine sound so tame!  

 We have those same horrid grasshoppers…they’ve eaten everything good and now they’re eating the iris and stripping leaves off the pecan trees.  These iris are under attack…most of them are chewed down to about 4″ from the ground.

We’ve also got the most humongous Katydids this year.  I didn’t even think to get a picture of the one I found on the wandering jew yesterday.  Here is another link to a photo…they’re ALL females and come from Europe.  http://bugguide.net/node/view/149499

The one yesterday was about 4″ long and had a ferrocious face…glad I didn’t let it get on my hand to bring in and show Ernie.  I got it on a broken piece of wandering jew plant to show him.   In researching katydids,  I found out this particular one is aggressive and BITES!!!  YIKES!!!

I love living in the country and have come to terms with most of the wildlife and insects, but black widows and snakes will still send me running.  I can handle angry possums though…just give me a sturdy broom and I can show you how to make a hissing possum hockey puck!

Susan ~ Patchkat




6 responses to “I’m so far behind the times…

  1. I agree with you, Susan. Judy L. is an over-achiever to the max! She makes me tired just reading her posts every day. Gotta say, I LOVED your remark about hissing possum hockey pucks!! We’ve had them in our house – more than once – and more than once while we were sleeping at night, and they’d climb on the bed with us!!!! We were never bit, but I’ll tell you what, they sure DO know how to hiss!! Nasty little buggers…

  2. Many years ago we moved to the country and within a year, I think I had faced many of my fears like hissing possums, snakes and all sorts of stingy, flying things. When you described making that possum into a hockey puck, I busted out laughing since I can relate to that. I got the same way with snakes after awhile. They just got annoying. I have moved back to the city now and don’t miss that part of country life.

  3. Your comment about the possum made me laugh!

    We had cat food outside in a plastic flip-top bucket but had begun having problems with it being tipped over and the top left open. Hubby had been trying different weights on the top with moderate success, but in the middle of the night when rain was threatening and he found it on the side open again, he decided to simply close the container and bring it into the living room for the night.

    I happened to go out to the kitchen and heard a scuffling noise that was too loud even for the largest of south Florida’s palmetto bugs, so I took the container back outside and cautiously opened it. Inside, upside down, I saw a little bottom, two feet and a tail. Carefully tipping the container eventually revealed a very annoyed baby girl opossum incorrectly playing dead as she was glaring very angrily up at us.

    We left the container outside on its side that night so she could leave. Fortunately there wasn’t much cat food left in it as cats aren’t fond of opossum scented food…LOL