Cat Food Thief Strikes Again!

It has been reported that cat food thievery is on the rise in Burkett, TX.  I believe I have found the culprit!    He and a 2 female crew strike at least twice a day in the driveway of a well-known disposable cat drop off point.  

Actually,  he stands outside and crows for food…and to express his displeasure if the food isn’t forthcoming….and to call his accomplices to eat…and just whenever he wants.  Noisey bird!

My thoughts are chicken and dumplings could be on the menu in our immediate future!

(Notice the totally disinterested watch cat on the porch)

Susan ~ Patchkat



3 responses to “Cat Food Thief Strikes Again!

  1. What a pretty thief. Looks almost like a fighting cock, does he have spars? You might need to use the pressure cooker on him.
    We had a string of small ants going to and from the outside cat food. Down the walk and across the street and into the ditch. And they did not make a sound.
    You could have Ernie build you a pen and then you will have eggs.

    • Yes, he is a fighting cock. Still has spurs and the kitties give him all sorts of grief when they’re trying to eat. Fortunately, he backs off or just goes to another feeder spot. He has two hens in his harem, one a game hen and the other is some domesticated breed.