July CTS blocks are done!

Even the dreaded “A” block is done!   Have to admit it doesn’t look half bad, just not near as terrific as Sheryl’s.   I’m happy with what I’ve been able to accomplish.  Those who know me, know this is actually several accomplishments!

1.   I did the “A” block without whining.

2.  I’ve actually completed all the July blocks in JULY!!!!  WOW!!!

I’ve changed the ground and trunks on my The Three Trees block.   Sheryl’s Louisiana Christmas Love Dove is brighter than shown.  The hearts and bird were hand appliqued.  The holly leaves and eye are done with Steam a Seam 2.  What lovely stuff!!!

  I’ll need to do the machine stitching to finish my Dove, but that should be easy. 

Oh…you might also notice the mistake on my Dove block….


I’ve finished Judy’s fun block    – 

This was an easy block to make.  I’m cutting more to make into a charity quilt!  I like the way the bright inner square pops out.

Denise’s Manor House blocks are in a previous post….all 8 of them.   I cannot wait to start on the rest of the little houses. 

This is going to be a cool quilt and while mine won’t be in traditional Christmas colors or fabrics,  I think the overall feel will be Holidays and celebrations.

If you’re sitting on the fence about joining us for the Christmas Town Sampler….don’t wait…it’s going to go fast and be a wonderful quilt for you or someone you love.

Susan ~ Patchkat


12 responses to “July CTS blocks are done!

  1. I am doing the CTS quilt and loving it so far. I have 2 1/2 house blocks left to finish.

    • You go Girl!!! The houses were fun for me. I did them assembly line. Layered to cut them….

  2. Hey, you rock, girl! Your dove looks just fine the way it is! Pretty colors!

    I still have the stitching to go on my dove–my tree block is done –right size this time! I still have Judy’s and Denise’s to make—I figure if I get them done before the next installment, I’m doing good!

    • You’ll get yours done on time. I need to do the leaves/eye stitching…I have the fancy stitch machine set up to do the machine stitching. Maybe I’ll mess with that this weekend.

  3. I like the block with the pink square, Judy’s block is it? Colors do so much work in a pattern. Although i love sampler quilts, I am picturing this one as an all over design.

    • I just finished cutting out 12 more blocks where the center 5 squares are reds….each block will sport a different red. Think I’m going to use the scrappy reds in the four corners too…the blocks have bright yellow and some greens also. I think as an allover pattern, it will be lovely.

  4. They are looking good – and no whining — holy smokes! LOL How did you manage that. :-) I still have Sheryl’s block to make/

  5. your dove simply has a different point of view, and it is lovely. I know how much you enjoy doing the dreaded A work!