Design Wall Monday?

I haven’t had anything new on my design wall for 6 months or more.   Mitzi (a kitty who was convalescing in my sewing room) ate my design wall…it will have to be redone.   It’s also hard to get good photos of the design wall because the HQ 16 sits in front of it…not the best floor plan, but it’s what I have to work with now.


Denise’s Manor House blocks are done  for The Christmas Town Sampler BOM.   My houses are brighter than this shows.  I went with deeper fall colors…rusty punkin, dark blue,  a marine blue, green, brown, gold and a red…oh and of course, a deep purple!

Tomorrow, I will cut Judy’s block and sew those dreaded HSTs, lol.    I give Judy a hard time about her HSTs, but I actually like making them (please don’t tell her that!)

Here’s what is up there this AM…blocks for a charity quilt, Manor House blocks and the Three Tree Block.

Now, it’s way past bedtime…work happens again tomorrow.

Susan ~ Patchkat