Love that rain!!!!

I drove home doing a whopping 25 mph for a good portion of the 16 miles from Coleman to Burkett…the rain was sheeting and I could not see 5″ in front of me!   Good thing there isn’t much traffic out there.   I just slowed down and took my time.  Gave me lots of time to give thanks for all those rain drops falling on a severely parched ground.  God is good.

A few shots of the grove and the Burkett bridge…that’s not fog, it’s rain!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love living in the country?  How much I love this little town of Burkett and the bridge?   The pecan grove to the North of the bridge was lovely in the rain.  

The  bridge…. 

 of course, I always think it’s wonderful, but what a ghostly aspect in the rain.  Our house sits on the left at the far end, so we catch glimpses of the bridge from the yards.

But, speaking of the yards….    

This is the back yard waterfall…it drops off into the onion field and runs to the Bayou.   When we have heavy rains (today’s was 2″ in 45 minutes!!!!) the water courses through the backyard and over this barracade to make a lovely waterfall.  The hackberry trees, iris and a rose bush seem to enjoy the extra waters.   The rain stopped about 30 minutes ago and the water is almost all gone.

Here’s Ernie in his rain gear….

We were overseas (maybe Taiwan) when he needed rain gear.  Today, it came in handy.  He’s digging a little trench to channel the water away from the house and carport.   Yep, he’s in shorts and sandals and weilding a rake, lol.  He was successful at diverting the water flow.  Once that was under control, he swept the water out of  the carport and we could enjoy the last of the gale.  We’re still asking for more rain to fill up the watersheds. 

Susan ~ Patchkat


2 responses to “Love that rain!!!!

  1. God is good, He gave us rain today also. Two and half inches and looks like it may rain again. Everything is getting a good drink of God Water.

  2. Yep, think we just talked about that last week! God water is most necessary for things to flourish~