Aromatic plants

 Long day in the office seemed to merit a little outdoors time this evening.  The sun is low on the horizon, the breeze is blowing.  All it took was me running my hand along the plants to set the most yummy smells in the air.

This is Common Sage.  Not as good as my beloved Russian Sage.  I haven’t found any Russian Sage to plant this year.  Russian Sage is winter hardy in our area and it has the most lovely long purple flower spikes.  Unfortunately, last Summer was too hot for it and it died.

 Chocolate Mint is one of my favorites.  It’s wonderful in hot tea…talk about smell!   I’ve got the Chocolate Mint sharing a pot with a clump of Rosemary.  Makes for interesting smells when they’re mixed.   I really enjoy chopping the Rosemary to sprinkle over chicken cooking on the grill.   We never have stiff enough Rosemary stems to use them for skewers, but I’m hoping someday…

I planted Purple Basil and Thai Basil.  I’ve not tried cooking with them, but rubbing a leaf between two finger will perfume you for hours.

The German Thyme is struggling.  Ive moved it to a little shadier spot trying to save it.  There are new leaves, but it’s soooo scraggly.  Not sure it’s got much of a chance.

In the meantime,  our deck is really aromatic after I walk through rubbing leaves.  Makes it really sweet to sit in the porch swing smelling the herbs while the sun sets.

Susan ~ Patchkat