SassyFras has become a worldwide star!

I received an email from a friend

13 Cats That Have Been Going Through Your Mail

The joke’s on these cats, though. Going through someone else’s mail is a federal crime.

There are 13 kitty photos in various stages of naughtiness…you know, laying in the packing peanuts, in the boxes, mailboxes and such….

Then, Daughter Christy emails and says “photo #12 is MOM’s cat.  I recognize the wall, the quilt and the cat”….and she was right!  It’s Sassy playing in my packing boxes around the Holidays!  The quilt in the background was a group block swap from a quilting retreat in New Braunfels, TX – 2006  I think.

Who could’ve known she’d make stardom???  If you see the email going around, just remember,  you know this cat!

Susan ~ Patchkat



Prey and Predators…

Evenings find us listening to coyote howls, owl screeches, coon chittering.  Living in the country, everything is either hunting or hiding.

I’ve been watching this gal for the last few days.   Photo is blurry cause I was on telephoto from about 2′ away…and not very stable.  That’s as close as I care to be.

 I’ve seen her with a grasshopper twice her size and tonight,  who knows what will be on her menu.  I hate spiders, but have been assured that the Wolf Spider’s bite is painful and mildly venomous.   I’d prefer to just watch her hunt, lol.   I don’t want to be her prey.

That’s a 2″x4″ board she’s on, so you can gauge her size…the body is a little over an inch and with those long legs, she’s about 3-3 1/2″ long!  She can run really, really fast!  She lives under our front steps. 

We have a pact…you don’t sneak up on me and I won’t feel the need to stomp on you.

Susan ~ Patchkat