Thank You!

I want to say Thank You to those following the new Christmas Town Sampler BOM on the blogs.   Thank youfor all the nice messages about my block and the inclusion of “The Three Trees” story.

I had never heard the story until a year or so ago.  Ernie teaches our Sunday School, children’s church and the evening Bible study.  Our son Lance and his family work with a church group in the Dallas area that goes to Senior facilities to sing and spread the Word.  One of the stories they told was “The Three Trees.   Lance suggested to Ernie that it might be something to share during children’s church.   After a computer search to find the story,  Ernie did indeed share it with the children and the congregation.   I was so enthralled by the story that it’s stuck in my mind.

When I decided on my blocks,  I’m not sure if I decided on the block first or the story!   Either way,  the story is perfect for the block I have presented for you.   I hope you’ll enjoy the story and share it with your little ones.

Thank you Lance for bringing the story into our lives!    Love you Son.

Susan ~ Patchkat


Why is it?

We went to dinner after church services this morning,   Food service was S–L–O–W to say the least.  We didn’t get to eat until almost 2PM.  The food was good, just when you’re hungry, it’s hard to wait.   Ernie’s meal came with dessert (which he declined), so he wanted to stop at the DQ for a dipped cone.

Last time we had dipped cones, we had the biggest mess imaginable from head to toe and all points in between.  It’s too hot to eat a dipped cone in the van, lol.    Ok, so knowing this, we stopped and got small chocolate dipped cones today….and a large handful of napkins.  Thought we’d made it home unmarked, WRONG.  Fortunately,  it wasn’t much of a mess this time.  I did need to do a wash job on my seatbelt, but it’s all okay.

There is just something about a chocolate dipped cone that encourages messiness!  It’s impossible to eat them in a hot car without having drips when it’s over 95 degrees outside.  Why do we not learn from our mistakes?

Susan ~ Patchkat