The cats are getting fancy!

We’ve had so much trouble with several of our kitties “digging” water out of their self feeder.  Wouldn’t be so bad, but they flood their food tray and the floor aournd.  We have to mop water up several times a day.

Being the lazy person I am, and having problems getting down on the floor,  I started looking for a better way – and I’m happy to report that after almost a month,  I think we’ve found a solution!

I bought a  Pioneer Pet stainless steel cat fountain!   This model has a water filter like you’d have in your ice maker line.  Keeps the water fresh and clean.  I have to fill it once  or twice a day  (it holds about half a gallon) and the kitties are drinking more often than they were.  Cats love moving water.

 This photo doesn’t do the fountain justice.  It’s a cool tear drop shape, fountain on the left side, a trough for water to run down where it swirls slowly in the bowl.  Our kitties seem to enjoy it (see the splatters from drinking out of the fountain part).  There’s something for all and each of them has their own favorite area to drink from.  PB likes the fountain,  Sassy likes the open bowl.  Best of all… no more water splashed around!  They’re not digging at the water anymore as it’s already moving.

My first review would be money well spent.  Happy kitties happy me.

Susan ~ Patchkat