Unexpected pleasures ~ :-)

WWanda called Tuesday and invited me to lunch.   A late Birthday Lunch she said, lol!  How neat to celebrate a birthday continously for months :-)   Thanks, WWanda!  You’re such a great friend.  Always cheer me up…and making me want to sew, sew, sew!  We need to plan a quilty play date!

Besides lunch, there was a cute gift bag with a load of goodies including a coffee mug from the Coffee Talk collection.    

This is my second one!  (woohoo, I”m on my way to a collection!!! )

They’re really cute, colorful and perfect for the car commutes.   That little indention under the top of the handle is where the lid fits…it’s a cool design.

Oh…in addition to the goodies, there was a fresh cantaloupe from her garden!  YUM!

What a great lunch we squeezed into a super hectic day at work.  I enjoyed the time spent catching up on life and chatting about the every day stuff.

Thanks WWanda!

Susan ~ Patchkat


One response to “Unexpected pleasures ~ :-)

  1. I had a good time also, the sun has kept me indoors for too long. But an hour is not time enough to catch up.