Cat Food Thief Strikes Again!

It has been reported that cat food thievery is on the rise in Burkett, TX.  I believe I have found the culprit!    He and a 2 female crew strike at least twice a day in the driveway of a well-known disposable cat drop off point.  

Actually,  he stands outside and crows for food…and to express his displeasure if the food isn’t forthcoming….and to call his accomplices to eat…and just whenever he wants.  Noisey bird!

My thoughts are chicken and dumplings could be on the menu in our immediate future!

(Notice the totally disinterested watch cat on the porch)

Susan ~ Patchkat



July CTS blocks are done!

Even the dreaded “A” block is done!   Have to admit it doesn’t look half bad, just not near as terrific as Sheryl’s.   I’m happy with what I’ve been able to accomplish.  Those who know me, know this is actually several accomplishments!

1.   I did the “A” block without whining.

2.  I’ve actually completed all the July blocks in JULY!!!!  WOW!!!

I’ve changed the ground and trunks on my The Three Trees block.   Sheryl’s Louisiana Christmas Love Dove is brighter than shown.  The hearts and bird were hand appliqued.  The holly leaves and eye are done with Steam a Seam 2.  What lovely stuff!!!

  I’ll need to do the machine stitching to finish my Dove, but that should be easy. 

Oh…you might also notice the mistake on my Dove block….


I’ve finished Judy’s fun block    – 

This was an easy block to make.  I’m cutting more to make into a charity quilt!  I like the way the bright inner square pops out.

Denise’s Manor House blocks are in a previous post….all 8 of them.   I cannot wait to start on the rest of the little houses. 

This is going to be a cool quilt and while mine won’t be in traditional Christmas colors or fabrics,  I think the overall feel will be Holidays and celebrations.

If you’re sitting on the fence about joining us for the Christmas Town Sampler….don’t wait…it’s going to go fast and be a wonderful quilt for you or someone you love.

Susan ~ Patchkat

Stashbusting Report

I’ve been sewing, but with the exception of a couple of blocks, it’s all things that were already cut and counted here.   Those 3 blocks were only about a FQ worth of fabric.

I finished Judy’s block for Christmas Town Sampler.  Love that block, Judy.  It’s quick, easy and turned out lovely!   I’ve picked out fabrics for 12 more blocks to make a donation quilt for Sunshine.    Now I’m working on Sheryl’s block…all that “A” stuff by hand.  Once that’s done,  I’ll have all the July blocks finished!  Yeah!   That’s a first for me :-)

  • Yardage purchased this week –  0 yds
  • Yardage used this week    .25 yds
  • Year to date purchased –  11 yds
  • Year to date used (goal 300 yds) –  68.75  yds
  • UFOs (goal 10) –  1
  • Charity quilt tops made – ytd (goal 20) –  4
  • Charity quilts completed – ytd (goal 20) –  5

Susan ~ Patchkat

Design Wall Monday?

I haven’t had anything new on my design wall for 6 months or more.   Mitzi (a kitty who was convalescing in my sewing room) ate my design wall…it will have to be redone.   It’s also hard to get good photos of the design wall because the HQ 16 sits in front of it…not the best floor plan, but it’s what I have to work with now.


Denise’s Manor House blocks are done  for The Christmas Town Sampler BOM.   My houses are brighter than this shows.  I went with deeper fall colors…rusty punkin, dark blue,  a marine blue, green, brown, gold and a red…oh and of course, a deep purple!

Tomorrow, I will cut Judy’s block and sew those dreaded HSTs, lol.    I give Judy a hard time about her HSTs, but I actually like making them (please don’t tell her that!)

Here’s what is up there this AM…blocks for a charity quilt, Manor House blocks and the Three Tree Block.

Now, it’s way past bedtime…work happens again tomorrow.

Susan ~ Patchkat

Love that rain!!!!

I drove home doing a whopping 25 mph for a good portion of the 16 miles from Coleman to Burkett…the rain was sheeting and I could not see 5″ in front of me!   Good thing there isn’t much traffic out there.   I just slowed down and took my time.  Gave me lots of time to give thanks for all those rain drops falling on a severely parched ground.  God is good.

A few shots of the grove and the Burkett bridge…that’s not fog, it’s rain!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love living in the country?  How much I love this little town of Burkett and the bridge?   The pecan grove to the North of the bridge was lovely in the rain.  

The  bridge…. 

 of course, I always think it’s wonderful, but what a ghostly aspect in the rain.  Our house sits on the left at the far end, so we catch glimpses of the bridge from the yards.

But, speaking of the yards….    

This is the back yard waterfall…it drops off into the onion field and runs to the Bayou.   When we have heavy rains (today’s was 2″ in 45 minutes!!!!) the water courses through the backyard and over this barracade to make a lovely waterfall.  The hackberry trees, iris and a rose bush seem to enjoy the extra waters.   The rain stopped about 30 minutes ago and the water is almost all gone.

Here’s Ernie in his rain gear….

We were overseas (maybe Taiwan) when he needed rain gear.  Today, it came in handy.  He’s digging a little trench to channel the water away from the house and carport.   Yep, he’s in shorts and sandals and weilding a rake, lol.  He was successful at diverting the water flow.  Once that was under control, he swept the water out of  the carport and we could enjoy the last of the gale.  We’re still asking for more rain to fill up the watersheds. 

Susan ~ Patchkat

Stashbusting Report – a day late!

Didn’t see any need to jump right on this, lol.  Spent one evening pulling fabrics for Denise’s Manor House blocks.  Those are now cut and ready to sew.   Might have used a whole half-yard combined.   Finished a stack of heart blocks (the dreaded “A” stuff) which consumed another 1/4 yd.   That’s it!  All I have to show for a whole week…I can only hang my head and say I’ll try to be better next  this week!

  • Yardage purchased this week –  0 yds
  • Yardage used this week    .75 yds
  • Year to date purchased –  11 yds
  • Year to date used (goal 300 yds) –  68.5  yds
  • UFOs (goal 10) –  1
  • Charity quilt tops made – ytd (goal 20) –  4
  • Charity quilts completed – ytd (goal 20) –  5

Susan ~ Patchkat

Aromatic plants

 Long day in the office seemed to merit a little outdoors time this evening.  The sun is low on the horizon, the breeze is blowing.  All it took was me running my hand along the plants to set the most yummy smells in the air.

This is Common Sage.  Not as good as my beloved Russian Sage.  I haven’t found any Russian Sage to plant this year.  Russian Sage is winter hardy in our area and it has the most lovely long purple flower spikes.  Unfortunately, last Summer was too hot for it and it died.

 Chocolate Mint is one of my favorites.  It’s wonderful in hot tea…talk about smell!   I’ve got the Chocolate Mint sharing a pot with a clump of Rosemary.  Makes for interesting smells when they’re mixed.   I really enjoy chopping the Rosemary to sprinkle over chicken cooking on the grill.   We never have stiff enough Rosemary stems to use them for skewers, but I’m hoping someday…

I planted Purple Basil and Thai Basil.  I’ve not tried cooking with them, but rubbing a leaf between two finger will perfume you for hours.

The German Thyme is struggling.  Ive moved it to a little shadier spot trying to save it.  There are new leaves, but it’s soooo scraggly.  Not sure it’s got much of a chance.

In the meantime,  our deck is really aromatic after I walk through rubbing leaves.  Makes it really sweet to sit in the porch swing smelling the herbs while the sun sets.

Susan ~ Patchkat