A couple of weeks ago,  our area was treated to a special event….a series of rocket launches!!!   You’ve possibly seen them on TV….This is a Nasa Sponsored program run by the American Astonautical Society.   They’re located in VA, but needed a more open area for their launchings.   As I understand it, the rockets are designed and built by college students and the teams are graded on their projects based on the launch, separation and the survival of an egg in a padded container in the rocket.

The Burkett Ranch was the site of this years launch event, and the Burkett Volunteer Fire Dept. had 2 fire trucks on scene.  

Ernie went out and managed to talk to some of the international competitors and snap a few photos.   He said there were about 200 folks out there to watch the launches.  They needed wider advertising, but still…it was fun for those who did attend.    They’re talking about holding it here next year as well.  Bet there’ll be lots more interest!  Who knows,  maybe you’ll see us on TV :-) Click on the photo to enlarge.

Susan ~ Patchkat



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