Are you READY?

Denise pointed out that we have 11 days until our new project “Christmas Town Sampler” begins!!!

I’ve changed my mind twice on the fabric I want to use….and I’m still wavering!   Our theme is Christmas, but you don’t have to use Christmas fabrics, lol.   Can you see my dilemma?   Holiday fabrics are beautiful…but so are all those Spring lines!  YUM.    Lots of pretty fabrics, lots of great ideas.   This quilt lends itself to a very controlled palette, planned scrappy or totally scrappy….and those gorgeous tone on tones, solids, prints, stripes….very versitile!   I can even see the quilt as a memory quilt by adding photos in those border house windows, lol.  Wouldn’t that make a very special family quilt!

Anyhow, now is the time to gather your fabrics.  The general yardages are  posted in the sidebar on the right.  Click  on “Christmas Town Sampler” Yardages to print your copy.    I’ll be posting all updates and patterns in that same place on the sidebar, so keep watching.

I can’t wait to get started!

Susan ~ Patchkat


5 responses to “Are you READY?

  1. I have a problem picking fabrics for a lot of my quilts. I can go to a fabric shop, and just stand and look for a long time.
    I probably have enough in my stash to put together most anything.
    Several years ago I was given the fabric stashes of three ladies in my neighborhood. Two passed away, and one gave up crafting. My husband says I have enough to start my own Fabric store.
    I’m looking forward to getting started though. I believe I’ll go scrappy.
    Thanks for all your work,
    Lisa in Alabama

    • I have inherited several stashes in the last 8-10 years….and mine was substatitial, now my mission is tgo use it up making charity quilts. I love scrappy best.

      • I could go scrappy too, IF I was at Susan’s and she slapped my hand every time I tried to “match” fabrics. Bad Anita, why don’t you come over and we could have a sewing good time?