Summer time goodness!

Don’t you love Summer time?   I remember the Summer days when I was about 8/9…we lived in a little house that belonged to the people who owned the big house next to us.   That was the Summer I learned about Texas Horned Toads (and we lived in OK then!!!) and caught them all the time in a little cigar box.  I let them go each evening.   I played paper dolls with a Janet Leigh doll….clothes cut from Sears catalogs and houses from the paper doll folders….and I tried to learn the piano by practicing with Harriet who lived across the street.

Mom planted tomatoes on either side of our front porch.   There were 3 or 4 wide steps and a small stoop facing the West.   As soon as the tomatoes started producing, you could find me on the porch with a salt shaker in one hand and a glass of water in the other.    There was nothing better than a sun warmed cherry tomato crusted in salt!   I LOVED those little tomatoes!

What brought them to mind?   We planted a Patio tomato plant and it’s producing.   Those succulent, sun warmed, little tomatoes were like a magnet yesterday.    Ernie picked the big tomatoes and I sampled the little ones!   Most of them made it into his bucket.   :-)   I cannot stand the taste of salt right now (from the chemo I’m sure), but those tomatoes tasted like a little bit of Heaven.    Brought back some nice childhood memories and a longing to talk to Mom.

Wonder if Mom ever wondered why she didn’t get many tomatoes?

Susan ~ Patchkat


One response to “Summer time goodness!

  1. Some how I bet she knew! We too are getting cherry tomatoes from our hanging pot… and no salt for me either…