Spoofs and Tricks….

The Nice Boss Lady gifted Christy with some frozen apricots picked from her trees….Christy being like me loves LOVES apricot jam, so she carried them home when they left on Thursday.   Christy kept them cold in her ice chest, but of course, they defrosted on the trip to Wisconsin.  On Saturday,  I received a heart broken call  from Wisconsin…

Christy:   “Mom, I’m so sad”

Me:   “Whatever for?”

Christy:   “The apricots had thawed so I started making jam and dumped the packets in the pan and there was a dark spot.   I thought it was a skin and I knew I needed to get it out, but it was a frozen ROACH!!!,  Rustin told me to throw the whole mess away, but I didn’t want to so I was looking for body parts, trying to see if I could save any of it…so I decided to call you first”

Me:   when I quit laughing “The roach is plastic and the apricots are fine to use.  Remember I told you the NBL was a practical joker”

Christy:  “I’m glad I didn’t listen to Rustin,  I would be really upset now!”

Anyhow,  when it was all over, she was warning the NBL about getting even, lol… Gotta love it!

and Christy did get her jam made yesterday!

Susan ~ Patchkat



3 responses to “Spoofs and Tricks….

  1. I would have listened to Rustin…. Roaches and Scorpions are the two insects that truly freak me out.

    • I still don’t like either of them, but….for apricots….
      Guess it’s a good think I knew it was in there and plastic! Scorpions only have one purpose…to lubricate the bottom of a shoe!

      • You just need to make sure you are not wearing flip-flops, those scorpion tails can get to you bare feet. Just ask me how I know! WWWanda