See Susan doing the Happy Dance around the sewing room!!!!! Stashbusting!

After months and months of reporting not much to nothing,  I finally have some GOOD numbers to report :-)    Thank Heavens for quilting daughters!!!  Thank you Chris!!!!  While she was here, after some mechanical issues with the machine (and some pure DUMB on my part) Christy quilted MOH quilts…and several large ones of her own.  Lots of backing fabrics out of my stash and a bunch of batting pieced and used.   Yipee!

I pieced blocks and set a top together, cut borders and binding for another quilt.    I cut and stitched borders on 1 quilt,  then cut backings for all the other quilts FROM THE STASH!!!! WWanda dropped off 3 tops for quilting to which I added backings.

One of the weeks I missed reporting,  I have to fess up to buying 3 yds of green tone on tone…so while this doesn’t show up on my weekly purchases, it’s in my year to date.

  • Yardage purchased this week –  0 yds
  • Yardage used this week    27.75 yds
  • Year to date purchased –  11 yds
  • Year to date used (goal 300 yds) –  62.25 yds
  • UFOs (goal 10) –  1
  • Charity quilt tops made – ytd (goal 20) –  4
  • Charity quilts completed – ytd (goal 20) –  5

No, the numbers aren’t Earth shattering, but they’re a definate bit better than what they have been :-)

Susan ~ Patchkat





One response to “See Susan doing the Happy Dance around the sewing room!!!!! Stashbusting!

  1. Cheers for you! I can share your excitement even though I don’t get so stressed over having fabric and UFOs myself. I think I have an infinite capacity for unfinished.