A few more photos to share

Stacie, Lane and the kids went home Sunday evening as did Laura and Emylee.  The house went down to a lower rate of hustle….we sewed and played with wedding flowers for Christy’s oldest DD, Alexandria.  She’s planned a July 2013 wedding in Wisconsin.

Hunter loves to explore when he’s here.   Christy worries about all the slithering critters, the ticks, spiders, stray dogs, rabid coons….whatever, lol….but Hunter is all boy in spite of his Mom’s worries.   Here he is at the bridge.  As you can see, there is water now…but it’s nowhere near full.  Matter of fact, the water is still so there is moss and algea growing.

 Hunter played checkers on the board Grandad (Ernie) made many years ago.    I remember hearing some UNO games going on too.

Great Grandad (GG Ernie) snuck in some time with Isaac…look at that grin!  Of course, Isaac initiated GG to his new title with a belly full of spitup!

Lane and Reed (Hillbilly!)  clowning around.  If we don’t get a rock on this boy’s head, he’s going to be taller than all of us!!!

Looks like Great Auntie Stacie snuck in some time with Isaac too.

 Not to be outdone by the girls, Reed got his time with his new 2nd cousin.  It’s neat to see our family developing “layers”….we have brothers, sisters, cousins and now there’s even a nephew!  COOL!

Allison and Adrienne were patient about waiting turns to feed and hold their new 2nd cousin, Isaac.

They all look so cute together.   We’re so blessed as a family.  Thank you Lord for all these wonderul youngsters and the love our family shares.

Anyhow,  way too soon,  the visits were over….and the house is empty again.  Our lives are a little richer for the fun time spent with our adult children and their families…and the opportunity to meet new Great Grandson Isaac.  Thanks to all for juggling schedules to be here together.  It was fun!


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