More visiting, a little shopping, a lot of sewing….

 Daughter, Laura and Granddaughter, Emylee arrived Saturday to visit with Christy and family.   They were soon joined by a mutual childhood friend (from when we lived in El Paso, TX) who now lives about 2 hours away from Burkett.  The girls enjoyed their visit from Debbie (Einhellig)on the right below .

We all reminisced about the old days and people they remembered from school, etc….it was sooo boring for the guys, they all left!

Christy, Cassie and I played in the sewing room…Christy loves the quilting machine (what’s not to love????).  She had brought several quilt tops to quilt and I had several of my own.  Dear friend WWanda dropped off 3 more donation tops, so we were well set with tops to quilt.

Cassie decided she wanted to try her hand at the machine – Maggie Mae, my HQ16.  She quilted this one with Christy supervising.  Cassie did very well in spite of being afraid of the machine!   How cool was it to have 3 generations in the same room QUILTING together?

I would love for all my girls to be quilters, but alas….that’s not in the cards right now.  Maybe later in life…..

I finished bound the one quilt I needed to send home with Cassie (Christy actually quilted it for me)….Isaac’s baby quilt…

And the little doll baby on the quilt ?  He even matches the quilt in his little turtle outfit.  Cute.


Susan ~ Patchkat


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