HAPPY FATHER’S Day and even MORE visiting~!

Last Sunday was Father’s Day…and we had 3 fathers here….Ernie, and our two great sons-in-law, Rustin and Lane.   Due to previously scheduled commitments, Son, Lance and his family were unable to join us.    Most everyone joined Ernie for Church.  I stayed home awaiting the next arrivals…Daughter Stacie and her family!   They did arrive, everyone came home from church and we had brisket for dinner!  YUM.  

Like everyone else,  Stacie was looking for the baby!  Isaac is a major Mom magnet!  We had a great visit with everyone.  Hunter was thrilled to have his 3 younger cousins here.

 Here he is being hugged by Adrienne.   Aren’t they cuties!

I’m not sure what all they got into, but it involved running, hollering, walks to the bridge, some target practice with Uncle Rustin.

There was some grasshopper catching, a little yardwork and lots of laughing.

I so wish all our kids lived closer so the kids had the opportunity to be together often.  It’s great to hear them all whooping and hollering out in the yard.

Allison, Isaac (with GG’ma), Reed, Hunter, Adrienne hugging Cassie.  Guess they figured the two baldies could sit together, lol.   Does Isaac’s cuteness will make up for my lack of hair :-)   ???   I truly cannot believe they shot photos before I could doll up.

Across the porch,  Ernie was chatting with Emylee,  Lane, Laura and Rustin.  Hope that porch swing holds the load!!!!  It’s dumped Ernie and I several times.  Ernie made this porch swing when we lived in El Paso, TX.   He’s so talented and handy!

What a fun day!   I need more of those!!!  Are my children listening?????

Susan ~ Patchkat



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