Don’t pay the ransom!

I was a victim of time, lol….but I’ve escaped and I’m back again.

So many neat things have happened lately.  I’ll post stuff over the next week or so to catch you up to date.

The most fun stuff…Christy and her family came to visit from Wisconsin!!!!!  All the ladies KNOW what that means….

1.  you make a menu

2.  you stress over cleaning house

3. you change the menu to fit what you found at the market

4. you clean something (doesn’t matter what, everything needs it)

5. you haul stuff out of the rooms to make more room for baby stuff

6.  you haul in stuff for more seating

7. you add to the menu, do a little cooking

8. you clean something that you see you missed…..

Do you see a cycle here?   My kids could care less if the house isn’t spotless and I KNOW that.   I still felt the need to clean everything I saw.  I’m sure I missed a lot, but it didn’t matter, lol.

The visit started 3 days late due to Grandson having a case of Whooping Cough!   His Dr wouldn’t let him travel until everyone had completed the course of antibiotics….and she didn’t want to take a chance on him carrying the germs to me or to his nephew (baby Issac) whom he would be traveling with.  So, add some bad storms into all that and instead of arriving on Saturday night, they didn’t arrive until Tuesday afternoon.   We tried to make up for the missed days, but we ran out of time before we ran out of visit.

Rustin and Christy clowning around after a very long car trip.  time to stretch and relax.  We visited and ate and watched stupid movies while everyone caught up on family stuff since we were together last.

Cassie and Isaac catch a meal and a snooze on the floor.   Sleeping babies are soooo innocent and sweet.

Ernie and Rustin (our Son in Law) worked outside, finished the skirt around our deck, cut down and hauled dead trees to the burn pile with Hunter driving the tractor while his Dad (Rustin) rode shotgun with a shotgun (rattlesnake precautions).

They cut down the old fig tree.   In the 9 years we’ve lived here, it hasn’t bothered to do anything but suck up water and take up about 15ft of yard space.  Now it’s GONE!!!  We can see all the way to the back fence unobstructed!  Room for a new flower bed and a couple of flowering shrubs.  Of course,  we’ll need to find some energy and time to do that.  Ha.

We found a small wading pool for Hunter and Isaac to play in…Isaac wasn’t too thrilled, but Hunter had a great time beating the Texas heat.  well….that is until the ant bit him, lol.

While the kids were here they were treated to visits by scorpions (this one was about 3″ stinger to pinchers), huge yellow grasshoppers in near plague proportions, huge beetles (the one below had a body larger than a quarter, shown here on Ernie’s hand), fire ants, fleas and chiggers.  The only thing Rustin wanted to see was a rattler…and that’s the only thing we didn’t see.  Of course.


We had an hour of rain, winds and cool weather….and then our week really got going…

Susan ~ Patchkat


3 responses to “Don’t pay the ransom!

  1. That scorpion looks familiar! I certainly don’t miss them, but I sure miss you and Ernie! hugs