A couple of weeks ago,  our area was treated to a special event….a series of rocket launches!!!   You’ve possibly seen them on TV….This is a Nasa Sponsored program run by the American Astonautical Society.   They’re located in VA, but needed a more open area for their launchings.   As I understand it, the rockets are designed and built by college students and the teams are graded on their projects based on the launch, separation and the survival of an egg in a padded container in the rocket.

The Burkett Ranch was the site of this years launch event, and the Burkett Volunteer Fire Dept. had 2 fire trucks on scene.  

Ernie went out and managed to talk to some of the international competitors and snap a few photos.   He said there were about 200 folks out there to watch the launches.  They needed wider advertising, but still…it was fun for those who did attend.    They’re talking about holding it here next year as well.  Bet there’ll be lots more interest!  Who knows,  maybe you’ll see us on TV :-) Click on the photo to enlarge.

Susan ~ Patchkat



Are you READY?

Denise pointed out that we have 11 days until our new project “Christmas Town Sampler” begins!!!

I’ve changed my mind twice on the fabric I want to use….and I’m still wavering!   Our theme is Christmas, but you don’t have to use Christmas fabrics, lol.   Can you see my dilemma?   Holiday fabrics are beautiful…but so are all those Spring lines!  YUM.    Lots of pretty fabrics, lots of great ideas.   This quilt lends itself to a very controlled palette, planned scrappy or totally scrappy….and those gorgeous tone on tones, solids, prints, stripes….very versitile!   I can even see the quilt as a memory quilt by adding photos in those border house windows, lol.  Wouldn’t that make a very special family quilt!

Anyhow, now is the time to gather your fabrics.  The general yardages are  posted in the sidebar on the right.  Click  on “Christmas Town Sampler” Yardages to print your copy.    I’ll be posting all updates and patterns in that same place on the sidebar, so keep watching.

I can’t wait to get started!

Susan ~ Patchkat

Summer time goodness!

Don’t you love Summer time?   I remember the Summer days when I was about 8/9…we lived in a little house that belonged to the people who owned the big house next to us.   That was the Summer I learned about Texas Horned Toads (and we lived in OK then!!!) and caught them all the time in a little cigar box.  I let them go each evening.   I played paper dolls with a Janet Leigh doll….clothes cut from Sears catalogs and houses from the paper doll folders….and I tried to learn the piano by practicing with Harriet who lived across the street.

Mom planted tomatoes on either side of our front porch.   There were 3 or 4 wide steps and a small stoop facing the West.   As soon as the tomatoes started producing, you could find me on the porch with a salt shaker in one hand and a glass of water in the other.    There was nothing better than a sun warmed cherry tomato crusted in salt!   I LOVED those little tomatoes!

What brought them to mind?   We planted a Patio tomato plant and it’s producing.   Those succulent, sun warmed, little tomatoes were like a magnet yesterday.    Ernie picked the big tomatoes and I sampled the little ones!   Most of them made it into his bucket.   :-)   I cannot stand the taste of salt right now (from the chemo I’m sure), but those tomatoes tasted like a little bit of Heaven.    Brought back some nice childhood memories and a longing to talk to Mom.

Wonder if Mom ever wondered why she didn’t get many tomatoes?

Susan ~ Patchkat

Spoofs and Tricks….

The Nice Boss Lady gifted Christy with some frozen apricots picked from her trees….Christy being like me loves LOVES apricot jam, so she carried them home when they left on Thursday.   Christy kept them cold in her ice chest, but of course, they defrosted on the trip to Wisconsin.  On Saturday,  I received a heart broken call  from Wisconsin…

Christy:   “Mom, I’m so sad”

Me:   “Whatever for?”

Christy:   “The apricots had thawed so I started making jam and dumped the packets in the pan and there was a dark spot.   I thought it was a skin and I knew I needed to get it out, but it was a frozen ROACH!!!,  Rustin told me to throw the whole mess away, but I didn’t want to so I was looking for body parts, trying to see if I could save any of it…so I decided to call you first”

Me:   when I quit laughing “The roach is plastic and the apricots are fine to use.  Remember I told you the NBL was a practical joker”

Christy:  “I’m glad I didn’t listen to Rustin,  I would be really upset now!”

Anyhow,  when it was all over, she was warning the NBL about getting even, lol… Gotta love it!

and Christy did get her jam made yesterday!

Susan ~ Patchkat


A few more photos to share

Stacie, Lane and the kids went home Sunday evening as did Laura and Emylee.  The house went down to a lower rate of hustle….we sewed and played with wedding flowers for Christy’s oldest DD, Alexandria.  She’s planned a July 2013 wedding in Wisconsin.

Hunter loves to explore when he’s here.   Christy worries about all the slithering critters, the ticks, spiders, stray dogs, rabid coons….whatever, lol….but Hunter is all boy in spite of his Mom’s worries.   Here he is at the bridge.  As you can see, there is water now…but it’s nowhere near full.  Matter of fact, the water is still so there is moss and algea growing.

 Hunter played checkers on the board Grandad (Ernie) made many years ago.    I remember hearing some UNO games going on too.

Great Grandad (GG Ernie) snuck in some time with Isaac…look at that grin!  Of course, Isaac initiated GG to his new title with a belly full of spitup!

Lane and Reed (Hillbilly!)  clowning around.  If we don’t get a rock on this boy’s head, he’s going to be taller than all of us!!!

Looks like Great Auntie Stacie snuck in some time with Isaac too.

 Not to be outdone by the girls, Reed got his time with his new 2nd cousin.  It’s neat to see our family developing “layers”….we have brothers, sisters, cousins and now there’s even a nephew!  COOL!

Allison and Adrienne were patient about waiting turns to feed and hold their new 2nd cousin, Isaac.

They all look so cute together.   We’re so blessed as a family.  Thank you Lord for all these wonderul youngsters and the love our family shares.

Anyhow,  way too soon,  the visits were over….and the house is empty again.  Our lives are a little richer for the fun time spent with our adult children and their families…and the opportunity to meet new Great Grandson Isaac.  Thanks to all for juggling schedules to be here together.  It was fun!

See Susan doing the Happy Dance around the sewing room!!!!! Stashbusting!

After months and months of reporting not much to nothing,  I finally have some GOOD numbers to report :-)    Thank Heavens for quilting daughters!!!  Thank you Chris!!!!  While she was here, after some mechanical issues with the machine (and some pure DUMB on my part) Christy quilted MOH quilts…and several large ones of her own.  Lots of backing fabrics out of my stash and a bunch of batting pieced and used.   Yipee!

I pieced blocks and set a top together, cut borders and binding for another quilt.    I cut and stitched borders on 1 quilt,  then cut backings for all the other quilts FROM THE STASH!!!! WWanda dropped off 3 tops for quilting to which I added backings.

One of the weeks I missed reporting,  I have to fess up to buying 3 yds of green tone on tone…so while this doesn’t show up on my weekly purchases, it’s in my year to date.

  • Yardage purchased this week –  0 yds
  • Yardage used this week    27.75 yds
  • Year to date purchased –  11 yds
  • Year to date used (goal 300 yds) –  62.25 yds
  • UFOs (goal 10) –  1
  • Charity quilt tops made – ytd (goal 20) –  4
  • Charity quilts completed – ytd (goal 20) –  5

No, the numbers aren’t Earth shattering, but they’re a definate bit better than what they have been :-)

Susan ~ Patchkat




HAPPY FATHER’S Day and even MORE visiting~!

Last Sunday was Father’s Day…and we had 3 fathers here….Ernie, and our two great sons-in-law, Rustin and Lane.   Due to previously scheduled commitments, Son, Lance and his family were unable to join us.    Most everyone joined Ernie for Church.  I stayed home awaiting the next arrivals…Daughter Stacie and her family!   They did arrive, everyone came home from church and we had brisket for dinner!  YUM.  

Like everyone else,  Stacie was looking for the baby!  Isaac is a major Mom magnet!  We had a great visit with everyone.  Hunter was thrilled to have his 3 younger cousins here.

 Here he is being hugged by Adrienne.   Aren’t they cuties!

I’m not sure what all they got into, but it involved running, hollering, walks to the bridge, some target practice with Uncle Rustin.

There was some grasshopper catching, a little yardwork and lots of laughing.

I so wish all our kids lived closer so the kids had the opportunity to be together often.  It’s great to hear them all whooping and hollering out in the yard.

Allison, Isaac (with GG’ma), Reed, Hunter, Adrienne hugging Cassie.  Guess they figured the two baldies could sit together, lol.   Does Isaac’s cuteness will make up for my lack of hair :-)   ???   I truly cannot believe they shot photos before I could doll up.

Across the porch,  Ernie was chatting with Emylee,  Lane, Laura and Rustin.  Hope that porch swing holds the load!!!!  It’s dumped Ernie and I several times.  Ernie made this porch swing when we lived in El Paso, TX.   He’s so talented and handy!

What a fun day!   I need more of those!!!  Are my children listening?????

Susan ~ Patchkat