I’m happy to report

the HQ16 machine is back up and running smoothly!  What’s crazy is that I didn’t really do anything to it other than rethread the needle several times.  Tension is soooo sensitive when one switches threads on her.

I have about 1/4 of Wanda’s quilt done.   Maybe Friday I can finish it and get it squared up and ready to bind for her.

I’ve cut up a bunch more 5″ squares for some donation quilts.  Still have a few more fabrics that I want to add to this bunch….straight sewing and mindless work.  Should go together quickly when I get the old Singer treadle machine humming.   It’s quiet enough that I can sew in the Living Room while watching and hearing the TV.

Ernie planted all the tomatoes and added some Mammoth Sunflowers to the Daffodil and Day Lily area.  While he was weeding and watering, he found about 5 or 6 more asparagus plants that are up and making ferns.  There are only 2 stalks right now.  I think we’re getting too warm for them to make edible parts. 

Getting excited as we’re now into May.  Daughter and her family coming to visit in June ginving us our first in person glimpse of new Great Grandson

Susan ~ Patchkat



2 responses to “I’m happy to report

  1. Now, that is very nice of you, but you do know it was not expected. I know you will do a much better job than I would have.
    I have quit eating on my asparagus, this is a month earlier than usual. But the spears were so small, by giving them some growth time, watering and using some cow leavings on them maybe they will be larger next year.

  2. Know you’ll enjoy the new member of your family. Later this month we will get to meet out new great granddaughter born March 26th. Have a second one born April 26th (they are cousins) but I don’t think she will be able to fly too soon. Enjoy them to the fullest while they are babies! I got Ann’s NYE mystery bordered at quilt retreat this week which is a crib size for the new baby.