Hearts ~ !

Ernie is a Hearts fan…if he’s on the computer and not working on Bible studies or lawn mower repair/parts manuals, he’s playing Hearts.  The other night, he was really thrilled as he won 4 hands in a row…and never had a single point.   I find that amazing as I can rarely beat the computer once.  Hearts is a game of countng and strategy…neither my strong suit, lol.

 Here’s the final results of the 4 hands….

Needless to say, he was quite proud of himself, heeheeh eee….

I play Spider Solitaire,  RummyCube and Word Connect…if I can drag myself away from Cafe World in FaceBook.

 Susan ~ Patchkat


2 responses to “Hearts ~ !

  1. I never tried online Hearts , but I used to be a whiz. My favorite win was taking them all, and I did it frequently. Not sure I still could pull it off.