Life is so full of stress around our home ~

You know how I dislike tense, stressed out kitties…it’s so unhealthy for them, lol…

This is Blonde in his stressed out pose.  He spends a lot of time in the upside down kitty position.   Look at those teeth.  Ernie shot 4 or 5 photos of him and he never stirred a whisker…just dead to the World.

Then,  there is little ShadowFire ~ he’s decided he’s going to be a lover. 

The only time this little orange guy comes to me is when he’s ready to cuddle and sleep.  He has lost all his undercoat since he came into the house.  Don’t know if it was the strong antibiotics or the fleas…or a combination of both.  He’s just now growing some of his ruff back, so he’s kind of scruffy looking.  As you can see, he’s totally stressed out too.  Don’t know what it is about orange kitties, but boy!  Can they sleep.

Susan ~ Patchkat


7 responses to “Life is so full of stress around our home ~

  1. I love your snuggle baby. My little girl sleeps under the cover as close as she can get to me, you wouldn’t think a house cat would be cold.
    The little tummy showers are at peace with the world.

    • Muckley also sleeps as close as she can get..under the covers. If I’m in the recliner, I still have to have cover so she can snuggle under it…sure gets hot in the Summer.

  2. I feel so sorry for your kitties. What a hard life they lead. But what gets me when they roll over and sleep on their backs are the curled up back feet. Our new baby wasn’t a snuggler when we adopted him eight weeks ago, now he throws himself into my lap, rolls over and wants to be rocked. He’s also gained three pounds! He’s a bit of a chow hound!
    Being a kitty mama is great!
    Love you,
    Aunt Deb

    • Let the love roll! Glad you got a trainable kitty who now wants to be a snuggler. I missed that so much after I lost Purr-C, Punkin and Tigger. They were all cuddlers though it took Punkin most of his life to figure the snuggling part.

      Yehaw! You’re now able to post to the blog again!
      Love ya, Susan