A weekend of quilting!

Wanda came over Friday.  We had grilled hamburgers, waldorf salad and homemade cookies and fruit bread.  It was all YUMMY!   After dinner and a little kitchen work, we moved to the quilting room and stitched until midnight.  Halfway through the blocks I was working on,  I decided my background was way to white, so I quit for the night.

We started quilting on Saturday morning.  Wanda finished quilting on 1 quilt, she got one top pieced except for the border and her second quilt is still loaded on the machine.  We had tension problems so had to quit.  I still need to clean/oil and start over getting the tension reset, then I’ll maybe quilt her quilt.  Wish we had realized the tension was off before we had quilted about half of part of the border.   That took us awhile to pick out…and I detest “un-sewing”…but it’s done and ready to quilt again.








Saturday night, after attending the Novice VFD BBQ, I threw my too light blocks into some really hot coffee, rinsed them out and let them dry on toweling overnight.  I can continue sewing now as the color is perfect.

I cut 3 FQ for another quilt and have 3 Moda 5″ square packs to add to what I cut.  I think I’ll end up with 2 more charity tops.  All in all,  I busted about 1 1/2 yards.  I still need to cut the strips to go with.  I’ll try to remember to count it all on next week’s stashbusting report.  Just wanted you to see that I am doing something, even if the numbers aren’t impressive at present.

Spent a little time in the garden.  Planted more tomatoes and herbs.  Felt great to be outside playing in the dirt!

Susan ~ Patchkat


6 responses to “A weekend of quilting!

  1. Wow! Impressive! Sounds like you had a great time. Except for the tension business. You continue to inspire! I’ve been struggling with this dang colitis (got from an antibiotic) and I don’t have an ounce of energy. Then I read how much you did all weekend and know I need a swift kick considering all you’ve struggled with lately. Thanks for sharing your weekend. Can’t wait to see the quilts!

    • Colitis is a real drag. What makes it worse is that it’s sort of self induced. Hope it clears up soon so you’ll feel better!


  2. You two were busy – and oh the yummy food. I’m hungry for waldorf salad now! And where did Wildly Wicked Wanda get those kat squares – they are just too fun!

    • WWWanda got those kats at the lqs, wish I could find the scraps from the quilt. I am sure I had some binding cut. One more day to look for it and I am going to go with some other fabric. Dang, I hate it when I lose something in this room.

  3. I glanced quickly at that first picture and thought your quilt had a design of tarot cards on it! Love the cats, though; they’re really cute!