Look what followed Ernie home….

Had a fight with the scanner, I lost, so had to take a not so great photo. 

Ernie has been in need of a new lawn mower for the last few years…we’ve talked about it, but never really acted on the need.

This was the year.  We’re not getting any younger and the land isn’t mowing and clearing itself!   So…we spent Saturday in Abilene looking at all the available zero clearance mowers.  The Toro Mustang won out on several counts.  This one is a 50″ cut and runs way faster than either of us is comfortable with…and here he was, worried about how fast it would cut, LOL!   Thank goodness for adjustable speed.

Nope,  we didn’t stop here.   Ernie also ordered a DR Trimmer to take care of the areas that are too hard to get in with the mower.  We found out that DR Trimmers are custom assembled for each customer!  What a novel concept in today’s World.  The DR should be delivered in another week or so.  Can’t wait to check it out.  The one Ernie ordered is self propelled to make it a little easier to handle.  I’m for anything that makes the work easier.

We had fun yesterday running the mower around.  There will be a learning curve.  I need a grab bar to hold onto to mount/dismount, but I can at least steer it around.  It sure made short work of the easement in front of the neighbor’s house.  I’m looking forward to seeing how well it handles our back 40 and the onion field.

Will let you know how we like all the new equipment after we’ve put everything through the paces.

We also planted the tomatoes, peppers and some day lilies over the weekend.  I still have 3 more types of lilies to plant and a Spanish Broom to find a home for.

Susan ~ Patchkat



2 responses to “Look what followed Ernie home….

  1. Wow Zowie! What an awesome machine! And love your roses too—they’re all my favorites!