Easter is a time to celebrate the ressurection of Jesus Christ, HIS triumph over the grave….and for little children to gather Easter eggs.   Our services were blessed with a good Sunday School and Sermon, beautiful music and several visitors this morning.  Thanks Rhonda for snapping this picture of us!

We had no grands here for Easter, but these are photos shared by their parents :-)

Adrienne, Allison and Reed… Look at all those smiles!  These 3 are growing up so quickly.   Congratulations to Allison who just celebrated a birthday and made the Martin High School Cheerleading Squad for another year!

Isaac who is celebrating his first Easter!  all dressed up and only interested in his nap!










The BVFD BBQ was successful last night.   Had a great turnout in spite of other events in our area.    The bake sale was outstanding.  Most cakes/pies were sold in the $35-75 range, but there were some that went for upwards of $100 and one that went for $500!  Local merchants donated a bunch of nice opportuinity items for which we sold tickets, and as always, the brisket, sausage, chicken was outstanding!  Thanks to all who helped make it a success.

About an hour after the BBQ ended, we were blessed with an inch of rain, and there is the possibility for more rain today…life is good

Susan ~ Patchkat


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