Good Grief! What weather….

The Dallas – Ft. Worth Metroplex area has been battered with storms and tornadoes today.  Sadly, at least 150 homes were leveled or severly damaged…several schools suffered damages and numerous businesses. Thankfully,  even though the news is reporting injuries, there have been no reported fatalities.

3 of our 4 children live in the Metroplex.   Ernie called each one this afternoon.  The grands went through lock downs in their schools, the parents went to safe rooms in their workplaces.  Through the Lord’s grace and mercy, all of our family was sheltered and safe.

  Daughter Stacie snapped these photos in her neighborhood….as you can see, some families didn’t remain unscathed…I cannot even imagine coming home to this or a house that was leveled to the ground.   My prayers go up for these families.  It will be a major job rebuilding everything….and these people will be displaced for months to come.

  What I find even more scary,  these storms are now crossing over into Oklahoma and Arkansas…and will continue wrecking homes as they move NE.   The weather channel is projecting storms all the way through Kentucky area by tomorrow.

 I’m still waiting for friends to check in from the Metroplex area.  Officers, civilians, and Fire Fighters are combing through the wreckage in hard hit Lancaster and Rockwall areas.  It’s not just homes, cars and belongings that are lost.  Stores are closed and businesses are hard hit causing loss of jobs…no paychecks for some.  There will be really tough times for some.  Please keep those affected in your prayers. 

Susan ~ Patchkat




6 responses to “Good Grief! What weather….

  1. Thanks for your update. Had been wondering about you. In 2000 a Sept tornado took our daughter’s house in Xenia, OH.. Something you don’t want to live through. All were safe though devestated.

  2. when i was a kid, just after dad got his orders for us to move to sheppard afb, there are huge tornadoes that went through the area and i can remember driving through some of the devastated areas months later. my prayers go out to all affected. glad you and yours are safe.

  3. Kept up with coverage of this storm on HLN yesterday for hours. Can’t imagine going through this but, coming from SW MO, I lived through warnings all of my young life but thank Heaven, never experienced actually being in one’s path. Prayers are with these people.

  4. Glad everyone is ok. I sat in the stairwell for 30 minutes. Luckily no damage in my area. I do feel for those that experienced loss. Where were those pics your daughter shot taken?