Events, past and future ~


 We hosted a dinner at the community center this past Sunday.  One of the teenage parishoners made a tray of the cutest deviled eggs…My photo is terribly blurry, but you can see the yellow chick with olive eyes and a carrot beak. 

Clever girl, memorable eggs!

 This coming weekend is the Burkett Volunteer Fire Department 3rd Annual BBQ.  

This is one of the signs that Ernie and our friend Mike erected along the highway.    Pretty cool!   I still need to change the dates on our old signs to use in town to direct people to the community center.

We’lll be serving brisket, sausage and grilled chicken….along with all the trimmings.  Plates are $7.00 for adults, $5.00 for children 12 and over.  There is a Bake Sale, a Split the Boot fund and an auction of donated items.  Should be great fun and good food!  If you’re close enough, come on out and join us!

Susan ~ Patchkat




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